Miley Cyrus gets banging new tattoos

Miley Cyrus’ tattoo collection is ever present and apparently still growing. On August 6, a local New York City tattoo artist named “Bang Bang” personally visited the singer.

While already possessing several tattoos — some speculate over 20 — Miley has added two new tattoos.

The first tat reads “Love Yer Brain” and manifests itself on her forearm. According to Bang Bang, Cyrus knew “exactly where it was going to go.” She wanted thin lines in the font, similar to someone’s handwriting.

A sloppier look was exactly what she was going for. The font they eventually found was called “skinny.” The quote is from her favorite band, The Flaming Lips. He explained the phrase as advice for “taking care of yourself.”

Miley also got on a tiny moon tattoo inside of her left arm. Not only did she receive tattoos from Bang Bang, she also gave him a tattoo herself, tattooing the same moon shape on his thumb.

Bang Bang said it “wasn’t perfect,” but it was decent for her first time. According to him, the thumb is a more difficult area to tattoo.

The pair posted tweets about each other after hanging out in NYC. He tweeted, “I turned @mileycyrus into a tattoo artist today.” She tweeted, “BFF tats with @bangbangNYC,” including a picture of them on a rooftop in the city.

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