Review: ‘The Giver’ will make you see life in a new light

MCT Photo: Jeff Bridges stars in the new movie "The Giver."

MCT Photo: Jeff Bridges stars in the new movie “The Giver.”

The Newbery Medal award winning, young adult novel “The Giver” has finally hit the big screen. Lois Lowry’s book has become a timeless element that challenges young readers to this day.

The movie was recently released and as I sat in the theater watching the film unfold, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

This was by far my favorite book as a teen. My mother forced me to read it for one of those silly summer reading checklists that are designed to suck the fun and freedom out of the summer months, or so it seemed. After I read it I understood why she wanted me to.

“The Giver” is a story about a boy named Jonas who lives in a cookie-cutter, black and white world of conformity.

After being assigned the imperative task of “The Receiver,” Jonas learns that their seemingly perfect world is a merely an illusion. Jonas is trained by “The Giver,” the keeper of memories, to hold all of the memories of how society once was.

Daunted by this responsibility, he starts to rebel against the forced utopian way of life. He sets out on a journey to put things back to their natural way, something no one else has attempted.

This film is thought-provoking and eye-opening. It sends a rush of appreciation for the imperfect world we call home.

It demonstrates the beauty of diversity, emotion and love, while also revealing the ugly truth about the beastly nature of humans that leads to terrible things, such as war and murder.

“The Giver” is a definite must-see that will leave you questioning the world and pondering the meaning of love and passion. It will give you a newfound appreciation for life.

Vidette rating: 4 stars

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