Finding your college party fit

Last weekend, campus was in full swing again as flocks of students swarmed the streets for some back-to-school partying. Many freshmen on campus could be seen bouncing from party to party, testing the waters and seeing where everyone was having the best time. In college, that could mean a variety of settings.  Here’s some of the basics you need to know when navigating ISU’s nightlife.

Photo illustration by Vince Pinto / Staff Photographer

Photo illustration by Vince Pinto / Staff Photographer

Fraternity Parties

Many students could be seen moving in an out of the fraternitity houses this weekend, in hopes of getting a glimpse into Greek life, which is often poorly portrayed in the media. In reality, Greek life is not as wild as it seems. Fraternities are often more cautious about who they let in to their parties, so you may have a hard time bringing random people or large crowds. Students usually dress a little nicer than their casual clothes and sometimes dress up if there is a theme. Fraternity parties are another way to meet different groups of people and learn more about joining one if interested.

Apartment Parties

If you think house parties are crowded, apartment parties can be much more condensed. Apartment parties can be anywhere from a few close friends, wall-to-wall people, or even multiple apartments having a combined event, like the Beer Olympics. With many large apartment complexes on campus, apartment parties are the most abundant here at ISU. Students wear anything from casual to nice clothes, theme related clothes or just a sweatshirt and jeans. Parties usually require attendees to bring their own booze (BYOB), but sometimes offer a keg, jungle juice or even wine.

House Parties

House parties, the classic college party scene, can be  bittersweet. House parties are a great way to meet new people, since many students find out about them through word of mouth. Students usually dress pretty casual, invite a few friends or their whole floor, and most likely will stick to kegs and jungle juice. However, house parties can be trouble for those who are underage, often get hot and crowded quickly, and there is a chance you’ll pay $5 a cup for the keg only to have it run out after your first drink. Hosting a house party can be pretty stressful, since crowded parties and random people often lead to damage and stolen property.


If you are underage it is not worth the risk of getting caught; there is a hefty fine and the bars on campus are not lenient about IDs. There are many bars close to campus, like Maggie Miley’s and Pub II, which are the places to be on Wednesdays, as well as Brewe-Ha’s, which has two-dollar craft beers on Tuesdays. If you prefer to go downtown, Mulligan’s is the place to go on Friday nights with their Long Island iced tea specials, while Fat Jack’s offers their famous Tsunamis at a discount on Saturdays. Other bars to check out include Drifter’s, Daddio’s, Elroy’s and Six Strings. These bars often have live bands perform. There are several bus and transportation services to take  you to and from Downtown, many only charging $3 per ride.



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