Top 5 ways to balance social life and school

Photo by Adam Weiss / Staff Photographer

Photo by Adam Weiss / Staff Photographer

1. Keep a planner 

The best way to balance your classwork and social life is through time management. It may seem cliché, but keeping a planner and sticking to it will help you organize your thoughts, tasks and social events as they come up. Planners can help prevent that dreadful Sunday night feeling that comes with the realization that you have a paper due bright and early Monday morning. They can also help you avoid the awkward text from a friend asking if you’re still planning on meeting for lunch and you’ve overbooked yourself.

2. Add more hours to your day

Although it is often tempting to hit the snooze button until a half hour before class, getting up just a few hours earlier is great for busy students. You can work on homework in advance, allowing you to add more free time to your night, a time when you’d much rather be hanging out with your friends. Read a chapter of your textbook every morning while you drink your coffee and you don’t have them hanging over your head on the weekends.

3. Use your weekends wisely

Instead of laying in bed watching Netflix all day on Saturday, spend a few hours getting school work done so you are not cramming it all in the night before it’s due. Although it may seem hard to do school work on the weekends, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re out with your friends instead of working on a slide show. By spacing your assignments throughout the weekend and working for a few hours each day, you’ll have much more spare time.

4. Host a study session

Pick a time that all of your friends are free and host a work night. Stay in together and get your tasks and homework done, while still sharing each other’s company. Whether you make it a wine night with your roommates, a group study session at Milner, or a grocery shopping trip with your BFF, knocking off your “To Do” list together will keep you from feeling like you are missing out on a social life. Once you’re done, you and your friends will have more free time to hang out together for the rest of the week.

5. Take time off from social media

Social media consumes a large amount of our everyday lives. Whether you are on your phone or computer, you can find yourself on social media for hours, especially when you have a less interesting task, such as homework, at hand. By turning off your social media and powering through your schoolwork, homework will take less time and will cut back on your procrastinating. When you’ve already seen everything on your newsfeed and you’re just mindlessly scrolling, log out for a few hours and be productive instead.


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