Western trends inspire fall fashion


Rejoice, fashionistas, fall is coming! Finally, we can all say goodbye to the same old flip flops and shorts combo, and start stretching our fashion wings by layering pieces and trying out new trends.

Have you ever seen those kids wearing all black, chains and studs, and sort of admired them for being so daring? Now you can channel the bold goth look, without scaring your mom. Dark floral prints give this style a chic upgrade. If you’re feeling especially experimental, try a dark purple or black lip with a romantic floral dress and a long, flow-y cardigan.

Senior apperal and merchandising major Kate Rosignal shows this season's dark floral trend. Outfit styled by Kelsey Stiegman.

Senior apperal and merchandising major Kate Rosignal shows this season’s dark floral trend. Outfits styled by Kelsey Stiegman.

Western style is making its way to the Midwest this fall season. Try out this look by pairing an earthy necklace with a long sleeved crop, distressed overalls and booties. Yes, you read that correctly. Overalls are just one part of the western trend that demands to be worn.

If that’s a little outside of your comfort zone, fringe is another way to channel the western trend, whether it’s on a pair of loafers or a suede bag. Chunky silver jewelry is the new thing for bling and goes great with all items western-inspired.

On the other side of the accessory spectrum: minimalistic gold jewelry from summer styles will be sticking with us. Small geometric earrings and dainty chains are the perfect accessories to liven-up any basic outfit, without being too over-the-top.

For a night out, throw on your favorite strappy black heels, ripped skinnies and a slouchy tee. Layer on simple chains, rings and post earrings for an effortlessly cool look.

Plaid is back again, but like the last few seasons, the look is being reinvented. We brought back the tied-around-the-waist rocker look; and while ’90s inspiration is staying with us this season, plaid can now be used as a menswear-inspired piece, as well. Tuck your favorite flannel top into a pair of boyfriend jeans and throw on a pair of sneakers with some cool aviators.

Adam Weiss; Staff Photographer All fashions courtesy of Apricot Lane, Normal.

Adam Weiss; Staff Photographer All fashions courtesy of Apricot Lane, Normal.

Sportswear is another trend you have to try and is easily mixed with menswear pieces. A slouchy sweater, silky skirt and leopard print Nikes make for the perfect cozy, yet stylish look. Jerseys are another easy way to show off your sporty style, and can be worn with basically anything, from cute heels to metallic sneaker wedges.

Sporty looks can be worn with another hot trend for fall: shine. Pair shiny black harem pants with a basic tee or your favorite jersey, sleek sneakers and simple earrings. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and you’ve got a lazy day outfit, with a fashion-y twist. This look is also great for going out: just switch your comfy shoes for a pair of simple leather stilettos and a bold red lip.

This season is a great time to play with your style and dress outside the box, whether you’re mixing shine with simplicity, western with plaid, or sporty with dark prints.

All outfits are available for purchase at Apricot Lane, Normal or online!

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  1. Kevin Braasch

    So the Features Editor writes an article about fall fashions, complete with photos proudly displaying outfits “styled” by said editor with a convenient note letting the reader know where to purchase these outfits. I’m quite certain the store in question appreciates the free advertising, but I can’t help but wonder if Ms. Stiegman fell asleep during the “conflict of interest” portion of her journalism courses, if indeed she even takes such courses.


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