ISU hit by heat wave

Illinois State University’s President Larry Dietz sent out a school wide email regarding the heat wave hitting central Illinois.

On Sunday afternoon, 15 students of ISU’s Big Red Marching Machine were treated for symptoms of heat exhaustion. Several students were treated on the scene and several students were treated before being released from the hospital.

The students did not suffer any more serious illnesses. The ISU police, the University’s Incident Management Team and many Redbird Athletics department students and staff made sure the marching band students were taken care of well.

The students were in a photo session at Hancock Stadium. They wore their full uniform on the field and by the bleachers, which increased the heat intensity, Dietz said in his email. There are several factors that contributed to the incident with humidity and heat being the main two.

There is a heat advisory for the area until 7 p.m. Tuesday. ISU’s media relations has released a list of heat exhaustion symptoms and the precautionary steps to battle the heat on their website.

“This circumstance also serves as an important reminder that we must always be aware of the dangers posed by high heat and humidity and take steps necessary to protect ourselves,” Dietz said. ” Those precautions include staying hydrated, wearing loose-fitting clothing and limiting exposure to direct sunlight.”

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