Review: Top moments at the 2014 MTV VMAs


As always, people are buzzing about the latest award show, the MTV Video Music Awards. Last night’s show brought new performances, outfits, awards and of course, many amusing complications.

The shining moment of the night was the forever flawless Beyoncé, who performed her entire album in one performance, and it might have been one of Queen B’s best performances to date — and that’s saying something. In a sparkling bodysuit, Beyoncé blew everyone away and followed her performance by accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. An emotional Beyoncé accepted her award on stage with her family. Her daughter Blue Ivy could be seen in the crowd cheering on her mom and dancing along to her performance. Beyoncé not only gave an incredible performance, but she warmed the hearts of her fans with her humble acceptance speech and gratitude.

What is an award show without something going wrong? Nicki Minaj was runner-up for most talked about at the VMAs with her wardrobe malfunction at the beginning of the night. Minaj’s tight black dress split down the middle while she performed the song “Bang Bang.” Minaj was holding her dress together during her performance with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. Grande on the other hand, caused a stir when she wore a Beyoncé-inspired leotard during her performance of “Break Free.”

As expected, Taylor Swift performed her new pop song, “Shake It Off.” Unlike her painfully awkward music video, Swift’s onstage performance wowed the crowd. With a 1920s-inspired theme and a flock of men in tuxedos, Swift showed the audience that she is putting country music behind her. However, the best part of her performance had to be when the camera turned its attention to Miley Cyrus, who had a stunned and uncomfortable look on her face throughout the entire song. According to Swift’s pal Lorde, this is the start of a “new era” for Swift. Her new tune is a catchy one, but let’s hope she sticks to singing rather than dancing, something she’s known for overdoing at every awards show.

The VMAs were filled with a variety of other memorable moments including Katy Perry’s J.T.-and-Britney-Spears-inspired all-denim outfit, Jim Carey wiping out on stage, a snake-bite mishap during the VMA set-up, and Miley Cyrus taking a step back from the spotlight to let a homeless boy accept her award in order to help raise awareness about this issue in the youth community.

If you missed the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, make sure to check out the replays, because the award show will likely be the talk of the week. As always, the VMAs were entertaining from beginning to end, and our favorite performers continued to dazzle their fans.

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  1. Ryan

    Top moments, really? Pretty sure there were none. When’s the last time MTV actually played a music video?


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