Emmy Awards

Television and pop culture enthusiasts unite, as the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards was broadcasted Monday evening. The big winners this year were AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and “Modern Family.”

It’s no surprise that the ever-so-popular “Modern Family” won its fifth Emmy Award for best comedy. The ABC sitcom won a total of three awards. According to USA Today, Steve Levitan, the creator said, “I don’t know how else to say it. But Modern Family has been a big beautiful dream over the past five years, and we thank you for not waking us up.”

“Breaking Bad” won five awards including, best drama, lead-actor, supporting-actor and a writing award. Lead actor, Bryan Cranston, plays the infamous, drug dealing Walter White. Cranston said, “I don’t know why I’ve been blessed. I love to act and I will do it to my last breath.” According to The New York Times, AMC has reached a first for any network by winning six of the past seven Emmy Awards for best drama series.

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