Healthcare mobile clinics for homeless

A mobile truck that will provide health care to the homeless and those in need will begin this fall.

Home Sweet Home Ministries and the Community Health Care Clinic will be working together to provide health care.

Home Sweet Home is providing a truck and will be the official owner of the vehicle. The Community Health Care Clinic is providing the staff and equipment.

State Farm Bank has provided $25,000 to pay for the repairs that the truck needs. The vehicle is 16 years old.

Home Sweet Home and the community clinic wanted to begin in August, however, they did not anticipate problems with the truck. The vehicle won’t be able to run until it is fully repaired, which is expected to be completed this fall.

Home Sweet Home and community clinic plan on driving the truck into low-income neighborhoods to provide care where it is needed in the community.

When a patient enters the truck, they will be registered in the clinic’s electronic medical record. A caseworker from Home Sweet Home Ministries will then connect the patient to community services, according to the Pantagraph.


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