Hyperlapse app pairs with Instagram

The Instagram phenomenon just keeps growing as more unique tools and filters are being added to enhance photos and videos. Instagram makes everyone a photographer, but now they are taking it to the next level, video.

Hyperlapse is a free download which turns saved videos on your Smartphone into time-lapse videos at the click of a button.

Before this technology, these kind of time-lapse videos were only possible with a tracking rig that would cost $15,000. This luxury is now available to everyone with a Smartphone for free.

With Hyperlapse technology videos are sped up making them 12 times faster. They are also made steady to make your videos look professional.

After you have edited the video you can then share it to Instagram and Facebook.

Hyperlapse is blurring the lines between professional videographers and the armatures. Will you be able to tell the difference?

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