Light the Night 2014

If you are in need of a light for your bike, you may want to come to the Light the Night event 5-8 p.m. Sept. 11 on the north side of Uptown Circle.

Last year, 500 front and rear lights were given away to people in about an hour and a half. And this year, there are even more lights to give away.

Lights are given away by a partnership of companies, including Good To Go, Connect Transit, Uptown Partners and Bike BloNo.

At the event, people can also get safety checks on their bikes, to make sure everything is working well. Advocacy groups like Bike BloNo and Friends of the Constitution Trail will also be there to provide information.

Individuals must bring their bikes to the event. To receive a free light, the bike must have no light or a non-working light. People are advised to show up early to the event, as there is a possibility that lights may run out.

People will also be invited to try the bike rack on the front of a Connect Transit bus.

Information will also be available about the upcoming GLT event Trail Crawl.

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