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Upon starting back to school last week, I had the realization that life would change all too soon as I opened a new chapter. I realized it was my last first day of school…well, as an undergrad at least. So for those of you who will not be graduating in December, it is a very surreal feeling. You stop and think, “What am I going to do with my life now?” Of course, hopefully something with your major, but the thought is still daunting.

I also had the reminder of my first day of elementary school (as seen above in the picture). I remembered how excited I was to be going to school thinking I was sophisticated because I know went to school, and how I just HAD to have a “101 Dalmatians” backpack- hey, it was the ’90s. I had the same amount of excitement and fear on my last first day as I did on my first first day. It was an unexpected, yet sentimental moment in my life. You dream of walking across a stage in front of an auditorium full of people, and once it is 16 weeks away, reality sets in that you have achieved a great academic challenge.

So for all of you graduating in Dec., just remember to cherish every moment of the semester because these are the best days of our life. We have worked for a very long four (or more) years to get our name on a piece of paper from a great institution. As we spend the next semester, our last semester, here just remember the end is in sight and to embrace each day as a Redbird.

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Hannah White. Picture courtesy of Hannah White

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