The Top 5: Commonly unknown booths at Festival ISU

5. Beekeeping Club

Founded in spring of 2012, the Beekeeping Club’s purpose is “to promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping by educating students … and by raising awareness of environmental, economic, social, and political issues that affect beekeepers and the honey bees.”

The club holds one Introduction to Beekeeping workshop each year, meets six times during the year and is affiliated with the Illinois State University Beekeepers Association.

4. Solar Car Team

For students who are more into action than activism, the Solar Car Team might be a good fit.

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, work with faculty to design, build and race solar powered vehicles.

The team has built four solar vehicles so far and is currently in the process of building its fifth, Mercury V.

The group also participates in races across North America and has previously earned several awards, including second place in the 2011 and 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix.

3. F.L.A.M.E

Feminist Led Activist Movement to Empower (F.L.A.M.E), is affiliated with ISU’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program. It is “ISU’s feminist group on campus empowering students to reexamine all aspects of our lives for how they have been socially constructed along intersecting lines of gender, race, class, ability, age, heteronormativity, and ethnicity,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

F.L.A.M.E meets on Monday nights in Rachel Cooper Hall and also hosts special events throughout the year, such as Take Back the Night and the Clothesline Project.

2. Theatre of Ted

Theatre of Ted is a free-for-all of students’ creative performances which is held every Saturday night. The group’s Facebook page says, “The Rallying Cry of Theatre of Ted is Dare to Suck, which is not ‘Try to Suck’ or ‘Aspire to Suck,’ but rather a challenge to aim for the heights and possible fail — to take risks.”

Theatre of Ted also awards a student scholarship each year. The only rules: Don’t damage the facilities or the people, clean up after your piece and “make it short in case it sucks.”

1. Vibe Tribe

A recent addition to ISU’s list of student organizations, the Vibe Tribe is a group of DJs, fans and producers of electronic music.

Last semester, Vibe Tribe hosted a silent disco on the Quad. In the future, the group plans to host shows inside and outside of the university to promote student artists and bring electronic music acts to campus.

Interested students can also learn about how to produce electronic music at class style meetings and try out performance gear.

(Submitted Photo)

(Submitted Photo)

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