The Top 5: Tips for sorority recruitment

Paige Meisenheimer/Saff Photographer: Always finish your homework before recruitment events.

Paige Meisenheimer/Staff Photographer: Always finish your homework before recruitment events.

1. Pick the chapter where you’re most comfortable

Choose the sorority that you can see yourself in and want to be in for four years. Don’t choose a house because you hear that it is the “top house” or because your roommate wants to be in that one. If she ends up in another house, you will still be friends after recruitment. There is nothing worse than being with the same girls for four years and feeling awkward because you don’t fit in. Go with your gut feeling and pick the group of girls that you really click with.

2. Be yourself

When you are at the houses talking to girls remember to be yourself. When they ask you questions, don’t answer the way you think they want you to — answer truthfully. Engage in conversation that shows off your personality, because odds are you will meet a girl during recruitment that is just like you and you will want to be her friend. Don’t be afraid to open up to the girls because it will give them a feel for who you really are. You want to set yourself apart from the other potential new members (PNMs) and leave a lasting impression.

3. Get your homework done before 

Be smart and get a head start on your homework before recruitment starts. Recruitment is a long process and is physically, emotionally and mentally draining. Most days of recruitment you will wake up, head straight to the Bone Student Center and by the time recruitment is over that day it may be 9 or 10 p.m. All you will want to do afterwards is sleep and your homework will be forgotten. So help yourself out and get your homework done before your busy days, so that you won’t be stressed about schoolwork when you’re trying to make new friends.

4. Talk to your Rho Gamma

Talk to your recruitment counselor, Rho Gamma, about anything and everything. She is there to help you. If you are struggling to decide what to wear, show her a picture of what you have in mind. If you are having a hard time choosing between chapters, ask for her advice. Rho Gammas do not reveal the chapter they belong to until the end of recruitment, so she will remain unbiased as she helps you find your new home on campus. Recruitment counselors give up their letters so they can help you find yours, so she will help talk you through it and find the best fit for you. She has been through recruitment three times, so she knows everything!

5. Dress cute, but comfortably

Recruitment is a very formal process and you want to dress to impress. Wear something that looks nice and shows your personality, but make sure you are dressed for the weather and are comfortable. Recruitment rounds are long so you don’t want to be in clothes that are uncomfortable. Don’t be the girl who shows up in a tight mini skirt that doesn’t cover anything up and heels that she can’t walk in. Heels are not necessary. Wear comfortable shoes and if you really want to wear heels save them for preference round.

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