Unique RSOs to look for at Festival ISU

Archive Photo: Every year Festival ISU provides opportunities for students to get involved on campus.

Archive Photo: Every year Festival ISU provides opportunities for students to get involved on campus.

The beginning of the school year means that it is time for the much-anticipated Festival ISU on the Quad. This gives the numerous RSOs on campus a chance to tell students what they are all about and gives incoming students the opportunity to see just how much Illinois State University has to offer. Here are a few unique RSOs to check out this year.

Autism Speaks U

New to ISU is Autism Speaks U, which is made up of college students working with the national organization, Autism Speaks, to help raise money and awareness for autism. The RSO meets once a month and hosts events, fundraisers and a 5K throughout the year. Anyone who is interested can join the RSO, and it is a great way to give back to a good cause. “This year we are trying to expand our RSO in general. We want to gain as many new members as we can and we want to really expand in the community of Normal, in addition to our campus,” Marketing Chairwoman Paige Lester said.


A fairly new RSO, this is a club for students who have an interest in publishing or are in the publishing major. You do not need to be a publishing major to join, and this rising RSO provides fun opportunities. You can help publish student works, get the chance to meet with writers and authors, attend different events around campus, and learn more about the publishing business. HappenInk meets a few times a month and is a great way to get involved in the publishing field.

“Doctor Who” Fan Club

“Doctor Who,” a British science fiction television program that has been on the air since 1963, has a major following worldwide. It also has its own fan club here on campus. Anyone who enjoys “Doctor Who” can join the fan club, and it is a fun way to appreciate this popular show with other students around campus. “We have meetings to watch the show and do different activities,” member Nicole Dougherty said.

Sigma Delta Pi

This National Collegiate Honors Hispanic Society has recently won a prestigious award for the second year in a row. If you are a Spanish major or have an interest in Spanish, this may be a group to check out. The RSO was named the “Honor Chapter” for their outstanding activities during the 2013-2014 school year. Only 12 of these awards are given out of the 600 chapters worldwide, and the ISU chapter is receiving this award for the second consecutive year. If you are interested in working with a Spanish honors program, be sure to check out this rising RSO and see what they have to offer.

Bass Fishing Team

This year marks the first appearance the Bass Fishing Team will make at Festival ISU. The competitive team made it to Nationals this year for the first time and is a growing team here on campus. The team is still fairly new to campus and has been making great progress so far as they compete in many different tournaments. If bass fishing is something you enjoy and you would like to check out the team, look for them on the Quad, check out their Facebook page or explore their website at

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