What to do with your long Labor Day weekend

Archive Photo: Barbecuing is a great way to spend Labor Day!

Archive Photo: Barbecuing is a great way to spend Labor Day.

Long weekends don’t come as often in college as they do in high school, so be sure to take advantage of the extra day off. Use these fun ideas to make the most out of your long weekend!

Visit a friend

After graduating high school it is hard to stay connected with friends who attend other schools. Why not use Labor Day weekend as an excuse to see those friends and check out other college campuses? Set up a fun weekend with your friends. You will make the best memories and get reconnected with your high school friends, a win-win situation for sure.

Go on an adventure

There’s no time like the present! Use the long weekend to go on a spontaneous road trip with your friends. There are plenty of local parks to explore, so take a day and look around with your friends.

Hit up the pool

Fall may be approaching, but it is still hot enough to hang by the pool and attempt to prolong your fading summer glow. Many pools close after Labor Day, so this may be the last weekend you can pretend you’re still on summer vacation.

Throw a day party 

Otherwise known as “the darty,” day parties are a classic college move. ISU has many over the course of the year, plan a party for Monday and you will not be alone. Plus, who needs a better reason to have a day party other than no school? So grab the kiddie pool and bust out the margarita mix, its time for a darty.

Host a barbecue

What’s better than a hot summer day spent with friends or family eating a ton of food? According to an Irish Proverb, “Laughter is brightest where food is best.” So food is basically the equivalent to happiness.

Go on a shopping trip

As fall approaches, it’s time to start thinking about putting away the short shorts and tank tops. Spend your long weekend hunting down the perfect fall sweaters and jeans. Not to mention this holiday is the perfect excuse for retail stores to have sales, so don’t forget to shop around for the best prices!

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