Theft still major problem on campus

(Vince Pinto /Staff Photographer) Being extra cautious with valuables can protect someone from theft.

(Vince Pinto / Staff Photographer)
Being extra cautious with valuables can protect someone from theft.

The decisions of what items to bring and what to leave at home always remain subjective when moving away to college, but ISU police warns students: If it is not necessary, leave it at home.

Every fall, students leave their homes for the first time or return back to campus to move into university dorms. While many also move into off-campus apartments, safety still remains an issue for them all.

Theft is the biggest problem on campus regardless of students’ living quarters — and as everyone becomes comfortable with their new living quarters, they need to take caution in making sure their valuables are protected.

“The more valuable stuff you can leave at home the better off you’ll be … if it isn’t cash itself, it’s high-tech items,” Police Chief Aaron Woodruff said in a quote from a WJBC article.

Electronic items typically stolen include laptops, cell phones and iPads. Smart phones in particular may be stolen more often than anything else.

Credit and debit cards are also high-stake items apt to being stolen.

Burglary of these items is common and occurs everywhere, not just on college campuses. Keeping track of these items while living on campus is critical for students.

Students can avoid theft with a few different strategies.

Primarily, leaving the most important items at home is the first tactic, but there are many that students actually need for school. Never leaving these items unattended may seem obvious to most, but that is exactly how theft can happen.

Buying renters insurance coverage for valuable items that students must bring to school is a smart way to make sure that if items do get stolen, not all is lost. This is an expensive option for college students, but worth the money to keep belongings protected.

Another way to keep track of all items brought to school is to keep a list of everything being packed. Taking pictures of all items being brought to school is also helpful in keeping track of what is brought.

Additionally, keeping items and important documents such as credit cards statements in a safe place is crucial. Students are also advised to be careful with what personal information they enter on public computers, and to be cautious with what information they put online.

Students especially should not put their addresses on social media sites because a perpetrator could use that information to call and get information on financial accounts this way.

Students are encouraged to sign up for the ISU Emergency Alert to be sent through their email addresses or to their mobile phones.

This system allows the university to quickly send out warnings or reported incidents to them. Warnings are also posted on the home page.

ISU Emergency Alert warning messages will also be posted on ISU’s flagship Facebook page as well as their Twitter account. Campus speakers in the Student Fitness Center and Milner Library also broadcast warning messages.

For more information on campus safety or ISU Emergency Alert, visit

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