New interactive app allows students to practice interview skills

Vince Pinto/Staff Photographer: "Be Employed When You Graduate: The App" allows students to see themselves interview and review their answers.

Vince Pinto/Staff Photographer: “Be Employed When You Graduate: The App” allows students to see themselves interview and review their answers.

Graduation marks the turning point from young, naive student to responsible, job-seeking adult. The most important aspect of the job hunt is the interview — the make-or-break.

How are you preparing? Practicing in front of a mirror, running through possible questions with mom and dad?

Well,  like everything else in life, there is now an app for that! It’s called “Be Employed When You Graduate: The App.”

Before the app, “Be Employed When You Graduate” was a book written by Jonathan Blake Huer, the director of emerging technologies at Ball State University.

The app allows you to practice a wide range of interview questions that will prepare you for whatever might be asked of you during the real deal.

“Be Employed When You Graduate: The App” lets you practice, time and review your interview. When practicing, the app has the question written above a video view of you answering the question like an interactive mirror.

This is an especially useful aspect of the app, because it allows you to monitor your facial expressions, something that is very important when interviewing for a job.

Your answers can also be shared with your friends on Facebook for immediate and helpful feedback.

Practice is the only path to improvement and the app gives you a great opportunity to do so with tactile learning.

Jackie Fisher, a junior marketing major, says, “The app is a great way to practice. I just downloaded it and it gives you great questions to practice and prepare you for the job. It can be a little weird watching yourself answer the questions, but it will definitely help in the end.”

Huer says the app provides checklists that come “from the book that organizes all of the logistics and research information you need for a successful interview in a clean and efficient way.”

“Be Employed When You Graduate” is also available to read on the app. This is a great way to go back and refresh your memory and make sure you have your approach prepared and ready to take into the real world.

Huer’s book gives you the tools to help you land great opportunities like internships and jobs, and gives tips on everything from beginning to end.

Huer discusses choosing a major, nailing the interview, graduate school and everything in between. He provides information that is necessary to landing the job.

The App is available as a free download on iTunes, and each chapter of the book is available with a small purchase.

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