Bieber strikes again

Justin Bieber, 20, had yet another run in with the law.

The pop star was arrested in Canada on Aug. 29. According to ABC News, Ontario Provincial Police said Bieber crashed into a minivan in an all-terrain vehicle. He has been charged with dangerous driving and assault.After a physical dispute with the man in the van, Bieber also became a “danger to the public.”

His girlfriend Selena Gomez was also riding along with Bieber on the ATV at the time of the crash. Bieber and Selena were on a vacation getaway but it quickly turned sour with the crash, which unfortunately led to arguments with the other driver, police involvement and charges.

His court date has been set for Sept. 29. Bieber was taken into custody this past Friday. He has already faced other charges and violations and is still currently on probation for an egg throwing incident. Will Bieber ever learn his lesson? Things aren’t looking up for the young pop couple.

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