Essential items for a fun tailgating party

Football season is here and that means team spirit, roaring crowds and of course, tailgating! If you’re planning on hosting a tailgate extravaganza, you’ll need these essential ingredients. This tailgate checklist will have you set for game day.


Any experienced tailgater will tell you that the experience is not complete without a set of cornhole boards. If there is anything a Midwesterner knows how to do best- its play bags. Bags is a classic college game where you toss mini beanbags onto a raised board with one hole it in it (the cornhole). Pass the time with a game of bags with your buds. Bags is a standard tailgate necessity.

Grilling Gear

Everyone knows that tailgating is an excuse to eat yourself into a food coma before a sporting event (it is acceptable to skip the game in order to sleep off said coma). Food and drink prices skyrocket at football stadiums if you don’t want to spend $7 on a Ball Park hotdog, pack your own grilling equipment. Hot dogs, burgers, and brats taste even better when you made them yourself!


It’s also vital to have a radio playing the best tunes for the tailgaters to jam out to. No one wants to tailgate with nothing to listen to but the chatter of the surrounding crowd. Plus, music is an automatic mood-lifter. Having a radio is also a good idea to keep you updated on the game ahead. Tune into the sports station for the ESPN-style updates and pregame chitchat about your favorite team.


Tailgating is similar to inviting everyone and their extended families to your house for a fancy dinner party minus the fancy part. You will have many people to please at your tailgate cookout so you should make sure to plan ahead. That guy is allergic to dairy, she prefers hot dogs to burgers and your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin is a vegan. Bring a variety of different snacks, so that everyone has something to eat even after the grill goes cold. 


No tailgate is complete without a cooler full of ice-cold beverages of your choice. Just like food, there will be plenty of thirsty tailgaters around who are in need of refreshments. Staying hydrated during our last few days of heat is important, especially when you have a long day of football celebration ahead of you. A person will judge your tailgate based on how full your cooler is, so stock up and drink up! 

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