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Welcome back Redbirds! I hope that the summer and the first weeks of school were memorable.  It’s my senior year and the feeling is bitter sweet as I start some of the “lasts” I’ll ever have in college.  That includes the “last” first day of school, the “last” football scrimmage, etc. While celebrating these “lasts” I’m also cherishing my final year as a cheerleader with the most amazing team.

As the 2014-2015 ISU cheer team begins the school year I can’t help but reminisce on our summer together.  While the Redbird students were out of town, our team was here once a month for practice. Our practices were successful and full of new accomplishments that have helped us prep for the beginning of school.  In addition to practices, the team had the opportunity to attend UCA cheer camp at the Wisconsin Dells.  Now, cheer camp isn’t the stereotypical cheer movie version.  It had some of those elements such as team bonding, running around and oohing and awing at other teams but that wasn’t the entire time.  We actually accomplished A LOT and won some awards.  The team worked on new stunts, pyramids, baskets and ways to get the crowd more involved during games.  It was amazing working next to over 20 schools and seeing how they perform.  We learned a lot from other teams and were able to apply some of their techniques to our own traditions. Our game day performance, which includes the ISU fight song and cheers, won first place in our co-ed and all girl divisions.  That is amazing! In addition to that hardware, we also brought home other titles. I was unbelievably proud of my team.  Cheer camp was five days of practice in the heat and rain and we still came out on top.  It was impressive to see our team grow as one and take back some great skills.

Our summer was wonderful and that is just an insight of what this year will be like.  This team will not only make my senior year wonderful but also one I’ll never forget. Stay tuned for more events coming up this school year. Our first football game is September 6 and I hope to see you all there!

Me with the trophies by Carley Redman

Photos courtesy of Carley Redman


Co-Ed with their trophies! by Carley Redman

Photos courtesy of Carley Redman


All Girl and Co-Ed by Carley Redman

Photos courtesy of Carley Redman

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