The Top 5: School spirit accessories to wear this football season

1. Face Paint

What better way to show off your school spirit than to paint it on your face or body? Show support for your Redbirds by painting the school colors on yourself. You could paint a little redbird on your cheek or go all out and have a full face of red.

2. Signs

Whether its “Go Redbirds!” the name of a player, or a giant, cut-out head of your favorite player, all signs are great. Nothing looks better than a crowd full of signs and excited students cheering on their team.

3. Clothing

Bring out the red! Find your ISU t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, bandanas, hats and anything else you can find. Fill the stands with nothing but ISU gear! If you don’t have any, stop by the Alamo II or Campustown Supply.

4. Pom Poms

Who said pom poms were only for cheerleaders? Pick up some at the dollar store, or keep an eye out for free ones handed out at sporting events. Show your support by waving them at every touchdown.

5. Noisemakers

Use megaphones, clappers, cow bells, spirit sticks, stadium horns, whistles, bazookas or anything else that makes a lot of noise. Redbirds always have the loudest student section!

(Archive Photo)

(Archive Photo)

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