3x3x3 Fall Shades

Cassie Zimmer - Blogger                     Fall continues its strong suit having almost successfully turned every leaf into a divine radiance that embellishes the campus sidewalks. With that, Fall Fashion continues to plunder on and are we complaining?... Read more →

An Undefeated Weekend

                The Redbirds are not the only ones who remain undefeated after this weekend. The record is homework-0, Redbirds-1, Cindy-1. Here is what I was able to check off the to do list: Update my resume Write two papers Write this blog Finish my... Read more →

The Intern Blog: Getting Feedback

                As we all know feedback comes in all shapes and sizes. There is positive feedback, negative feedback and then just plain “no feedback.” It can be difficult to find time to give feedback to others when we are so focused on our goals and tasks. I know,... Read more →

The Midterm Slump

We’re already halfway through the semester, which means your chances to save your grades are dwindling. Your performance on midterms and assignments later on in the semester has the power to really influence your final grade. Most teachers don’t assign high stakes assignments at the start of the semester. These are typically due later on... Read more →

The Senior Perspective: Fearbola

Anyone who is a SNL fan knows and loves Seth Meyers for being able to take any serious issue and make it funny, even for a moment. Now that he has his own show, he’s had many opportunities to make the viewers laugh. One of the topics he recently tackled was Ebola. Ebola has been a big topic in the news these... Read more →