Non-Traditionally Yours: Everyone Has A Story

There are a few billion people on the planet. Every one of us are different , but at the same time, are similar. We are Homo sapiens; that is the class we have been caste in. However, there is something unique about this: we can tell stories. The laundry mat is the one place I love to go. It is so much to be in a place where time is lived... Read more →

“Weather” You Like It Or Not

                  Here it comes! And I’m quite sure you will like it. Spring seems to have finally woken from its slumber and is fully rested. Shining brightly above us, millions of miles away yet, having its presence felt like it were joined at the hip, the... Read more →

What Are You Staring At?

                Do you ever notice people staring at you? I am not talking about glancing over at someone or making eye contact. That is completely different. Those acts suggest positivity. I am talking about when people gawk at you for no reason. Being human, we can only... Read more →

The Gray Area of Proper Etiquette

                Recently I ordered some take out and went to the restaurant to pick it up. Everything was going great. The person working the counter handed me my food and then ran my credit card and handed me the receipt to sign. I signed it and handed it back to them.... Read more →

Will You be there for the Big Things?

                Did you watch this month’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother?  There were some big surprises, and while I'm not outraged with the ending like some people seem to be, it isn't the way that I would have chosen to end the show.  What did resonate with me... Read more →

And the Award Goes to…

                As the 2013-2014 Illinois State Cheerleading team met for the last time the feelings were bitter sweet. The end of the year banquet seals the final steps that we take together as a team. The year has been wonderful and it was time to celebrate it. The... Read more →


Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

                One thing that students will encounter in college classes is group projects. I do not know anymore who does not cringe when hearing that they have to do a group project. Group projects are not high on anyone’s list of ideal class activities, except... Read more →