The Great Pumpkin

                  It is that time of year again where the weather gets cooler, days get shorter, and things begin to Yes, it is pumpkin season. Upon surfing the internet I have found where many people try a food a day containing pumpkin in one of the... Read more →

New York Fashion Week Street Style

By Cassie Zimmer Fashion gurus worldwide flocked to New York to see the best of Spring 2015 walk the runway last week. Many could agree that the new designs for the Spring season were to die for, but I wanted to focus on the “fashion show” that was taking place outside the Lincoln Center’s hallowed halls. Bloggers and fashion fiends... Read more →

Don’t Get Fooled by Off-Campus Housing

While you may not be thinking about next year’s living situation at the start of this school year, local leasing companies want you to be. Someone decided that the start of the fall semester was a good time for students to sign leases for the following year. It may be easy to get caught up in the flurry of choosing a new apartment, but... Read more →

The Gift From iTunes That No One Asked For

Oh, iTunes, I love you. I’ve used you since the very first iPod came out, and you continued to surprise me when you came out with iTunes radio which I listen to all the time. I kept thinking of the many ways you could get better. And then you go and surprise me and millions of other iTunes users when you added U2’s latest album, Songs of... Read more →

5 Ways to be Healthy

Everyone assumes that college will be the unhealthiest time of your life. But it doesn’t have to be. It could in fact be the healthiest four years of your life. Yes, the alcoholic beverages and late night munchies won’t help your cause but here are some ways you can make your college run a little bit healthier. Set a... Read more →

Time to Relax

                Well, the weekend is over and so is one of the oldest rivalry games in Illinois. The Redbird football team pulled off another win over Eastern Illinois Saturday afternoon and it was amazing. Thank goodness the weather was better than expected — but maybe a... Read more →

Fall TV Premiers Worth Watching

Fall is a wonderful time filled with pumpkin spice lattes and football games. But it’s time we talk about something really important: TV. Shows are returning and new ones are approaching, and here’s what to look out for this fall. Gotham: “Gotham” is a new original series premiering on Fox this fall and is about the origins of the... Read more →

Redbird Tailgates

Last weekend was our first opportunity as a school to set the tone for the school year with our first football game—thus bringing on the first tailgate of the season. Sure, we had a great crowd. Sure, our student section was packed. But the most appealing thing to my fellow ’Birds should and could be the tailgates. Let’s not shy away... Read more →