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5 Must Have Free Fitness Apps

              Fitness apps could be and are extremely useful to anyone that is trying to reach their personal goals. Whether it’s tracking your food intake, finding new workouts, or tracking your heart rate; apps can do it all. But in an online app store world that is so over... Read more →

A week of Homecoming excitement

                It’s finally here! Homecoming week begins and it starts with a bang. Illinois State University Cheer has some exciting tasks this week and we can’t wait to dive right in. To start off, Redbird Rumble takes place Tuesday. Here, our all-girl and coed... Read more →

Back to Reality

                  Last weekend was a rare free, relaxing weekend and I cannot help but reflect on how amazing it was. The ‘Birds had a bye weekend so I had the opportunity to head three hours home for a nice family weekend. Words cannot express how good it... Read more →

Time to Relax

                Well, the weekend is over and so is one of the oldest rivalry games in Illinois. The Redbird football team pulled off another win over Eastern Illinois Saturday afternoon and it was amazing. Thank goodness the weather was better than expected — but maybe a... Read more →

Redbird Tailgates

Last weekend was our first opportunity as a school to set the tone for the school year with our first football game—thus bringing on the first tailgate of the season. Sure, we had a great crowd. Sure, our student section was packed. But the most appealing thing to my fellow ’Birds should and could be the tailgates. Let’s not shy away... Read more →

My Favorite Season

                With fall right around the corner, I can’t help but start my white girl habits of drinking pumpkin spice latte’s, burning fall scented candles and getting excited about fall fashion. Before I get too in over my head, I must remember the best thing that... Read more →

ISU cheer has exciting changes

                  With the first few weeks under my belt, I can officially say that I know my schedule. This semester is going to be hectic but I think that my inner planner will kick in and I’ll be able to manage everything. That being said, cheer is in full... Read more →

The Beginning to the End

                  Welcome back Redbirds! I hope that the summer and the first weeks of school were memorable. It’s my senior year and the feeling is bitter sweet as I start some of the “lasts” I’ll ever have in college. That includes the “last” first... Read more →