Life is a gift

                About a week ago, something terrible happened within the ISU and Bloomington-Normal community. Seven friends, including two members of the ISU athletics family passed away. Things like this can make you pause and think about what is really important in life.... Read more →

Our last meal

                Over the past four years the amount of team meals I have been a part of is unbelievable. This past Saturday, I had my last team meal. The banquet was set for 1pm and like us, a majority of us arrived 15 minutes early. Being early is something that has been... Read more →

A journey to get to the destination

                I’ll be graduating this May with my undergraduate degree from Illinois State University. The fact that my days are limited has me thinking about my post-grad life. One of the things I’ve been thinking about is where I’m going to live. Obviously, wherever... Read more →

Getting out of a Mid-Semester Slump

                I was reading an article recently about how to get out of a “sophomore year” slump. I think that we all can agree that at any time during our college experience we can get caught in a slump. Depending on what classes we are in, where we are in planning our... Read more →

The fast approach

                Well… the time has come. Senior night is right around the corner and I’m having mixed feelings. Part of me could not be more excited. The excitement is more about realizing I’m graduating and moving on. It could also be exciting because that... Read more →


Graduating seniors’ spring cleaning

                As a senior ready to graduate this May, I realized that I have a lot of Illinois State University apparel and knick-knacks lying around. I was thinking recently, “What am I going to do with all this ISU stuff when I graduate?” I really don’t want to pack... Read more →

The unexpected welcome back

                I got back to Blono a few days ago after a fun, relaxing Winter break. I spent a couple of days getting back into the swing of things—cleaning my apartment and getting ready for my classes. Everything was running smoothly until the fire alarm went off in my... Read more →

ISU Rec Center: 5 Reasons Why It’s Great

              All fellow Redbirds know that we have a world renowned workout facility. But unless you are a Rec regular you may not know what really separates our Rec Center from other college campuses. Two weight rooms Having two separate weight rooms is a huge benefit for... Read more →