ISU Rec Center: 5 Reasons Why It’s Great

              All fellow Redbirds know that we have a world renowned workout facility. But unless you are a Rec regular you may not know what really separates our Rec Center from other college campuses. Two weight rooms Having two separate weight rooms is a huge benefit for... Read more →

An Undefeated Weekend

                The Redbirds are not the only ones who remain undefeated after this weekend. The record is homework-0, Redbirds-1, Cindy-1. Here is what I was able to check off the to do list: Update my resume Write two papers Write this blog Finish my... Read more →

The Intern Blog: Getting Feedback

                As we all know feedback comes in all shapes and sizes. There is positive feedback, negative feedback and then just plain “no feedback.” It can be difficult to find time to give feedback to others when we are so focused on our goals and tasks. I know,... Read more →

The Midterm Slump

We’re already halfway through the semester, which means your chances to save your grades are dwindling. Your performance on midterms and assignments later on in the semester has the power to really influence your final grade. Most teachers don’t assign high stakes assignments at the start of the semester. These are typically due later on... Read more →

Why You Should Learn to Cook

One of the most important skills I learned in college did not happen in a classroom. Learning how to cook has not only helped me survive (literally), but I’ve also been able to do something I enjoy. Obviously we all need to eat. I prefer to cook my meals for myself rather than pick them up in a cafeteria or eat carryout every night. By... Read more →

Why ISU Needs to Keep the “DD”

              As you have probably heard by now, the city of Bloomington is trying to ixnay the ISU student designated driver. A long running “tradition” so to speak, students from all over campus drive around their cars for a night giving rides to their fellow, usually... Read more →

Adjusting to college

                  As many students adjust to being away from home for the first time, the six-week plunge has been brutal. The thrill of the “first weekend” has begun to wear off and the realities of studying and tests have started to sink in. When caught up in... Read more →


Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

If you’re a senior, you’re probably starting to realize how important your LinkedIn profile is. If you’re an underclassman, you will see the importance of this tool soon. LinkedIn, and networking in general, is arguably the second most important aspect of college behind your education. So when is the right time to start networking?... Read more →

Don’t Get Fooled by Off-Campus Housing

While you may not be thinking about next year’s living situation at the start of this school year, local leasing companies want you to be. Someone decided that the start of the fall semester was a good time for students to sign leases for the following year. It may be easy to get caught up in the flurry of choosing a new apartment, but... Read more →