5 Must Have Free Fitness Apps

              Fitness apps could be and are extremely useful to anyone that is trying to reach their personal goals. Whether it’s tracking your food intake, finding new workouts, or tracking your heart rate; apps can do it all. But in an online app store world that is so over... Read more →

4 Crafts for College Students

                Scrolling endlessly through Pinterest has served as a savvy inspiration for us “new apartment” settlers. Sadly, my “Lets Get Crafty” board has grown and grown with no evidence to show around my apartment. While midterm week may be hectic, these crafts... Read more →

Why You Should Learn to Cook

One of the most important skills I learned in college did not happen in a classroom. Learning how to cook has not only helped me survive (literally), but I’ve also been able to do something I enjoy. Obviously we all need to eat. I prefer to cook my meals for myself rather than pick them up in a cafeteria or eat carryout every night. By... Read more →

Look Out for These Nail Trends

                It’s finally fall; the weather has changed and the leaves are falling. With the official end of New York Fashion Week, we witnessed some key fall trends for wardrobe and makeup, but we’ve also seen new trends in nail color. Here are some colors that will... Read more →

The Importance of Professional Portfolios

We sometimes find ourselves wondering how what we learn in the classroom could possibly relate to our future careers. We learn all of these theories and concepts, maybe without knowing their practical applications. My favorite professors are the ones who relate what we’re learning to our futures. It’s often through assignments and... Read more →

Introducing the Joga Jeans

                For those who enjoy the comfort of yoga pants and the stylishness of jeans, there is a new clothing item that satisfies both fashion wants. Recently, Silver Jeans Company released a new kind of pants combining yoga pants and jeans they call “joga” jeans.... Read more →

The importance of setting a budget

One of the best (and most difficult) tasks I encountered this summer was setting a budget for myself. It was something I had never done before, but I knew it was important to do. I sat down and looked at my income and then ranked my monthly expenses. I tracked any deposits made to my account and every purchase I made. The first couple... Read more →

Drugstore Makeup Essentials

With the start of the new school year and the weather rapidly changing, it’s time to transition from your summer makeup products to some fall products. Makeup can get really expensive, especially if you listen to beauty bloggers who recommend $30 mascara and $50 eye shadow, but here a few items that are cheap and affordable, but still high... Read more →