Four winter wear staples

                  With the flurries starting to fall, and the actual Fall season making its way out of the picture, us Fashionistas are looking for new style inspiration for our walk to class. While we are adding on the layers, it is important to include some of the... Read more →

Don’t Stress: Gift Ideas for your Significant Other

Mollie McDonnell: Blogger The holidays can be a stressful time for people in relationships. As college students, we all worry about spending our money wisely, and it can be tough to find a decent gift at a decent price. To make the gift search easier here are a few ideas to get you started: Tickets to a sports game or... Read more →

Thanksgiving Dinner: How to Keep it Healthy

              If you’re like me, and presumably most of America, the Thanksgiving dinner feast is what you most look forward to on November 27th. It’s a relaxing day full of food and family. Only made more relaxed from the turkey’s tryptophan. According to research from the... Read more →

The Fast Before the Feast

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, although you wouldn’t know it from the overwhelming presence that Christmas ALREADY has in basically every store in America. Believe it or not I saw a Thanksgiving display for some Butterball turkeys, and on top of the blow-up turkey’s head was a Santa hat. Poor Thanksgiving never gets the attention... Read more →

Ten date ideas under $10

            Since dating on a budget can be hard, and continuously staying in can get boring, here are some easy date ideas that won’t break the bank. Spice up your relationship with a cute date that will be accessible and affordable and will keep you from getting cabin fever this... Read more →

How to Date on a Budget

From one broke college student to another, let me tell you: it is hard enough to find money for booze, rent and groceries, let alone go on a fancy date. Who says you should have to pay an arm and a leg to go on a nice date though? All it takes really, is some consideration and planning and voila: you have a cute, considerate date on a... Read more →


College and Dating: How to make it work

Many ISU students are currently in relationships or have some sort of significant other, but how do they make it work? How many of them have they actually met here at school? It seems as though the majority of people in relationships have been dating this person since high school, or know this person through connections at home and not... Read more →