The Black Homecoming Committee is calling out to Illinois State University officials, saying they "do not uphold its pillar of diversity" in a Twitter thread Friday afternoon. 

The tweets outline BHC's problems in organizing events for homecoming weekend. In particular, they cite a concert planned for Redbird Arena which was cancelled at the last minute due to a volleyball practice.

The organization went on to say that they are not given the same amount of funding as other organizations are given. They feel the cancellation of the venue was intentional and are now trying to find a new location. 

Members of the Black Homecoming Commitee wished to remain anonymous to avoid any negative consequences, but said that they often find trouble securing venues for events. 

"We repeatedly find that we're given secondary priority when we want to book a venue for events behind predominantly white organizations like UPB," the committee said. "We also recently found out that the person in charge of a big portion of approval when it comes to events, Kate Piper, has been an adviser to UPB for 10 years."

The organization also said that its members are subject to different security standards when events are held. 

"Not only that, but every event that we have we're subject to metal detectors and pat downs when white organizations aren't," the committee member said. "We feel it's unfair to subject the black community to this in the name of safety when that same standard isn't being set for events with a predominantly white attendance."

The thread of tweets ends with the organization calling out to ISU officials, as well as follows to promote the tweet and improve its visibility. Among the tagged ISU officials are the official ISU account, Vice President of Student Affairs Levester Johnson and the ISU Student Government Association. 

The committee said that ISU does not "uphold its pillar of diversity.

"They recruit us in order to claim diversity but at the end of the day we don't feel our culture is properly represented and catered to," the committee member said. "We have to create our own experiences with limited resources as students. Experiences for ourselves that the university does not support in solidarity."

The organization will gather at Schroeder Plaza at noon Monday to further discuss issues facing the black community on campus. The committee member said BHC will also give students the opportunity to speak on individual experiences. 

This story will continue to be updated. 

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What Black person is surprised about this disrespect. It has always been here at ISU. They moved us to the very back of the bus, I mean the tailgate area and now this. They cancel our event over PRACTICE? PRACTICE? Even Allen Iverson is disgusted.

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