Normal Community West High School March

On June 29, concerned community members and members of the Normal Community West Black Student Union protested for school reform outside of the high school. BSU members march down the sidewalk holding the organization's banner. 

In light of recent events involving several students from Normal Community West High School making racially charged content on social media, the community got together to protest their actions.

Over 200 students, teachers and members of the community gathered in front of NCWHS to call out the injustice of the students involved in the social media posts and other occurrences from school faculty that students have encountered throughout their time attending the school Monday evening.

Members of the NAACP and several members of the NCWHS Black Student Union gave speeches.

BSU member Justin Turner was one of the several members who gave a speech. He spoke about the use of the N-word and how some people believe that they have a pass to use it because they do not believe it is racist or they have a friend of color who allowed them to use the word.

“Personally, I wasn’t surprised. It’s something I’ve seen my whole life; I mean it still hurt but what’s new. It was the last straw and people were mad because they shouldn’t be leaked like this,” Turner said.

"If you’re brave enough to say that word, then you should be prepared for the consequences about what’s to come next because it is unacceptable. I mean it is a word that has been oppressing us for all of our lives."

During the beginning segment of the protest, BSU’s Jasmyn Jordan presented a list of demands for the McLean County schools. The demands included hiring teachers, administrators, and staff from diverse ethnic backgrounds, having equality and fairness in discipline of black students and several more demands.

After the final speech was given, the protest would begin its walk down the sidewalks to the Parkside Elementary School where everyone would gather around for a moment of silence and to listen to student Tania Boomo tell her story on dealing with racism from fellow students.

Afterward the protest would retrace its route back to the high school where people separated and left the area.

RAFAEL MENCHACA is a News Reporter for The Vidette. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter at @kuma_topics_

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