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Illinois State University begins its weekly surveillance testing, available to all students, outside of Schroeder Hall.

As more COVID-19 testing options become available for students, the expectations of what each testing site provides vary.

Students can get tested on Schroeder Plaza or the Old Firehouse station behind Cardinal Court from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the week if they are not showing any symptoms. If students are showing symptoms, they can get tested at Student Health Services by making an appointment.

Students can also be tested from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily at the Interstate Center in Bloomington. Here’s what to know and expect before, during and after a COVID-19 test.

Wear a mask 

While this is expected, wear your mask even if you are having the test done while in your car. 

Employees who are helping administer the test will come up to the car window to ask for your basic information and hand you the nasal swab. 

Even if you are not showing symptoms when going to get a nasal swab, wear a mask just in case you are asymptomatic or have been around someone who recently tested positive.

Bring your IDs 

At the Illinois State university surveillance testing, students must bring their student ID to be tested. Students will be asked their cell phone number and address. 

At the Interstate Center, make sure to have your license ready to show the person taking down information and they will ask for name, number and email.

Be prepared to wait 

Surveillance testing at ISU has seen an increase, especially on Schroeder Plaza since it is easy for most on-campus students to utilize. 

But be prepared to wait, so do not go when you have a small break before your next Zoom class. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, wait and get tested. 

Surveillance testing at the old firehouse behind Cardinal Court is drive-thru but does allow walk-ups. 

The Interstate testing center is also drive-thru. Students driving out to the fairgrounds need to give themselves adequate time when they are not running on a schedule, since it is a drive out there and the wait can be a while depending on how many cars are there when you go.

Nasal swab test 

The COVID-19 tests are nasal swabs that usually go a little more than halfway up the nose. When the test is administered, it will be done in both nostrils and go in circles about five times to get a sample. 

For most people, it usually feels like a tickle and is over in less than a minute. 

After the test is performed, they will put it in the little tube to be sent out to the lab once the day is done.


Waiting for results

Results for students being tested at ISU are usually back within 24-72 hours. Results are sent in the student health portal. Students can call SHS if they do not have their results back within three days. 

Testing done at the Interstate Center will have the results back within 3-7 days. 

If a student is positive, McLean County Health Department will call and do a follow-up with the individual and ask for close contacts to contact trace.

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