Multiple streets in various locations throughout the Town of Normal will be closed for repairs to the sanitary main line and for pavement preservation treatment work.

Starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Hovey Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Hester Avenue will be closed for repairs.

The street will be closed to through traffic until repairs are complete. The repairs are estimated to take about two days.

Pavement preservation treatment work is planned for Thursday and will start with street sweeping followed by the application of Reclamite pavement preservation sealant.

Temporary no parking signs will be posted at some locations where parking removal is required to complete the work.

The town advises residents to watch for these signs and avoid parking in these street locations until the no parking signs are removed.

After application of the Reclamite sealer, the treated area will be lightly sanded to minimize tracking of the material.

Reclamite is almost clear in color. As a result, the slight darkening of the streets will be temporary. The sealer will not restore damaged pavement but is designed to help preserve streets in their current condition, delaying more costly treatment and inconvenience.

It is recommended to stay off the streets until after sand has been applied, which is usually a few hours after the Reclamite is applied. The sand will be swept-up by the contractor after a few days of allowing the sealer to penetrate the pavement surface.

Another aspect of the work includes evaluation by the town. It will be observing the performance of the treatment over the next couple of years to determine cost-effectiveness and pavement life-cycle cost benefits.

These locations were selected to allow comparison of treated versus untreated areas.

Although the closures may inconvenience some motorists, the town released information regarding the potential benefits of this work. According to a news release, Reclamite is an emulsion made up of specific petroleum oils and resins. It is designed to penetrate the top layer of asphalt pavement.

The rejuvenating process will help keep the pavement flexible, so both cracking and road fatigue are reduced. It also seals the pavement from air and water, slowing the oxidation process and reducing the loss of small aggregate.

The above dates are tentative and depend on equipment availability and weather.

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