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Policies & Procedures


The Vidette reserves the right to edit or reject any advertising copy which does not comply with The Vidette’s policies and standards. The Vidette is not responsible for errors in advertising if the ad reaches The Vidette past deadline. The advertiser also waives the right to receive a proof of the advertisement prior to publication of the advertisement. Minimum size of an ad is 2 column inches. Depth of ads may increase in one half-inch increments. Ads 15 or more inches deep will be billed for the full 16 inches. No advertisement will be placed upside down. Composition and artwork created by The Vidette becomes the property of The Vidette and cannot be reproduced without consent from The Vidette. Advertisers shall defend and save The Vidette harmless from all claims, demands and/or litigations directly or indirectly related to improper or unauthorized use of photography, drawing, likeness, name, logo, trademark, representations, or any other materials provided by the advertisers to The Vidette and published in any Vidette advertising. All political advertising must be paid in advance and must contain a disclaimer identifying the advertiser. Alcohol advertisements will not be published in The Vidette’s Preview Guide or Survival Guide.


The Vidette is liable for errors only if notified within 72 hours following publication. Refunds will be given in the form of advertising credit back to the advertiser. The Vidette will not be liable for any content errors that occur after two proofs have been shown to the client. After an advertisement has been proofed and verified correctly by the client with written approval*, The Vidette will enact the following refunds if errors occur:

Distorted or pixelated images/text where content is determined illegible by The Vidette, advertiser will receive a 10% refund.

Wrong ad size, wrong content information, color, or major spelling/grammatical errors that deviate from the ad’s message and/or purpose will receive a 30% refund.

If entire ad is placed incorrectly in the form of the wrong ad for the wrong date, advertiser will receive a 40% refund.

The Vidette accepts no liability for failure to publish advertising.

* When written approval is not possible, then verbal approval must be made for any advertisements.


To establish a credit account, an advertiser is required to complete a credit application and prepay until credit has been verified. Credit accounts that have extended billing priveleges are allowed 30 days past the billing date to pay the balance in full. If the balance is over 60 days overdue, advertising privileges may be withdrawn until the entire overdue balance is paid. Accounts with an overdue balance may be subject to additional prepayment. Any errors on billing invoices must be brought to management’s attention within 30 days of receipt of invoice.