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Want to test your Illinois State University sports trivia knowledge? With 20 questions listed below you can finally prove how much of Redbird fan you truly are. Good luck!

Football vs UNI (12).JPG

Illinois State suffered a tough loss to the University of Northern Iowa, 27-10 on Nov. 2 at Hancock Stadium. The ISU bench looked glum as UNI scored its second touchdown. The Redbirds look to win their next game against the Jackrabbits in South Dakota next Saturday. 


  1. How many yards did James Robinson rush for to the MVFC in the 2019-2020 season? 

A. 1,734 

B. 1,348 

C. 1,348 

D. 1,899 

  1. Who did the Redbirds beat on homecoming by a score of 24-7? 

A. Northern Iowa 

B. Missouri State 

C. North Dakota State 

D. Indiana State 


The Illinois State volleyball team lost to the University of Northern Iowa in four sets Friday night at Redbird Arena. After breaking a three-game losing streak earlier this week, the 'Birds are back in the loss column. The loss moves the Redbirds to 14-12. 


  1. Which Redbird won the MVC tournament MVP after defeating No. 1 Northern Iowa in the finals? 

A. Kendal Meier 

B. Sarah Kushner 

C. Stef Jankiewicz 

D. Kaylee Martin 

  1. How many freshmen suited up for Illinois State this season? 

A. Five 

B. Four 

C. Nine 

D. Eight 

ISUvsMorehead men's basketball (11).JPG

Illinois State men's basketball defeats Morehead State, 61-50, Saturday Dec. 7 at Redbird Arena. Senior Zach Copeland led the 'Birds with 16 points. ISU plays again next Saturday, Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. at Northern Kentucky.

Men’s basketball 

  1. Which Redbird scored the game-high 22 points in the upset victory over Northern Iowa on Dec. 31? 

A. Jaycee Hillsman 

B. Antonio Reeves 

C. DJ Horne 

D. Zach Copeland 

  1. How many victories does Dan Muller have at Redbird Arena over his career? 

A. 89 

B. 104 

C. 98 

D. 110 

ISUvLUC_women's basketball_isu huddle

Illinois State played a heart racing game against Loyola-Chicago 7 p.m. Friday night at Redbird Arena. A career-high 35 points from Lexi Wallen (No. 25) led the Redbird women's basketball team to double overtime victory over the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers, 86-85.

Women’s basketball 

  1. Which Redbird won the MVC Sixth Man of the Year award this season? 

A. Tete Maggett 

B. JuJu Redmond 

C. Lexy Koudelka 

D. Mary Crompton 

  1. How many points did Lexi Wallen score against Loyola in double overtime on Valentine's Day? 

A. 35 

B. 47 

C. 29 

D. 40 

Indoor track and field 1/19 Notre Dame

Illinois State freshman Rachel Hickey (5) runs with her teammates and an Indiana State runner at the Notre Dame invitational in South Bend, Indiana Saturday afternoon. Hickey set an ISU record with her 2:49.01 time in the 1000-meter run.

Track and field 

  1. Which ISU athlete won every competition to remain undefeated in their main event this indoor season? 

A. Tori Ortiz 

B. Kameesha Smith 

C. Ari Cranston 

D. Taylor Weaver 

  1. Senior Hattie Plumb won her second straight MVC indoor title in which event? 

A. 600m 

B. Mile 

C. 800m 

D. 5000m 

Cross country 

  1. Who was the top female finisher for ISU at the 2019 MVC Cross country championship? 

A. Rachel Hickey  

B. Annie Moore 

C. Maddie Exline 

D. Grace Beattie 

  1. What was Jack Anstey’s winning time of the 2019 Illinois State Cross Country Invite?  


B. 21:57 

C. 25:04 

D. 24:41 

redbirds vs illini women's soccer team huddle

Illinois State University hosted University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign at Adelaide Street Field Sunday night. The team came together before the start of the game to sing a chant. The Redbirds were defeated by the Illini, 3-2. 

Women's soccer 

  1. How many goals did Kate Del Fava score during the 2019 season? 

A. 14 

B. 17 

C. 20 

D. 23 

  1. Who did the Redbirds fall to in the MVC Championship Game? 

A. Drake  

B. Missouri State 

C. Loyola-Chicago 

D. Northern Iowa 

Softball celebration

The Illinois State Softball team lost to the Missouri State Bears 6-2 Saturday afternoon. Despite the loss, the Redbirds keep their heads held high.


  1. Melinda Fischer is the longest tenured coach in the MVC,. When was her first season? 

A. 1986 

B. 1992 

C. 2000 

D. 2005 

  1. This season Fischer earned her 1,100th win. How many coaches before her reached this milestone?  


B. 18 

C. 25 

D. 34 

BASEBALL2019_sacramento JH.JPG

Illinois State players celebrate at 2-1 win over Sacramento State on April 17 at Duffy Bass Field.


  1. What pitcher threw a complete game win against Louisville last year during the NCAA Regional?  

A. Brent Headrick 

B. Colton Johnson 

C. Matt Walker 

D. Brett Wicklund 

  1. How many wins did Steve Holm have in his first season as ISU head coach?  

A. 33 

B. 36 

C. 31 

D. 38 

ISU Athletics 

19. Which Illinois State team posted the best W-L record through the 2019-2020 season? 

A. Football 

B. Women’s soccer 

C. Volleyball 

D. Men’s basketball 

20. Largest attended game at Redbird Arena this year? 

A. 5,365 (Indiana State 02/08) 

B. 4,372 (UCF 11/17) 

C. 5,096 (Southern Illinois 01/25) 

D. 5, 541 (Bradley 02/26) 

Answer Key

1. D. 1,899

2. D. Indiana State

3. C. Stef Jankiewicz

4. D. Eight

5. C. DJ Horne

6. C. 98

7. B. Juju Redmond

8. A. 35

9. B. Kameesha Smith

10. C. 800m

11. A. Rachel Hickey

12. D. 24:41

13. B. 17

14. C. Loyola-Chicago

15. A. 1986

16. B. 18

17. C. Matt Walker

18. B. 36

19. B. Women's soccer 14-6

20. D. 5,541 vs Bradley (02/26)

Scoring System 

20-16: You bleed red and are a die-hard Redbirds fan! You root the Redbirds on through thick and thin and have proven where your loyalty lies. 

15-12: You know your Redbirds and are a loyal fan! While you don’t bleed red 24/7, you’re always there supporting your Redbirds when they need you most. 

11-8: Your Redbird knowledge may need some work, but nothing to be ashamed of. 

7-4: Not your best performance, but everyone has an off night at least once in their career.  

3-0: Rough performance out there, but you’ll bounce back and soar once again with the rest of Redbird faithful. 

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