'Twas the week before Halloween, when all through the quad

Everything was barren and cold, some chilly act of God;

The stockings were worn with fashionable care,

In hopes that Thursday night parties soon would be there;

The students were nestled all snug in their beds;

While thoughts of anything but classes danced in their heads;

A roommate in her sweater, another in a knit cap,

Were ending their week with a pumpkin spice frap,

When from one’s iPhone there arose such a clatter,

They sprang from their bed to see what was the matter.

A party invitation, for a Halloween bash,

They took off the sweaters and mascara-ed an eyelash.

The moon shining bright and their cheeks all aglow,

In clothes that had layers that were numbered a bit too low,

They looked amazing, dressed with fashionable care,

But forgot about the chill that ran through the air,

With a little old driver they wished arrived sooner,

They ran, shivering cold, into their Uber. 

As the party was just getting good, they came,

They hugged their hellos, “How are you? Oh yeah, same”

Now, Titos, now, Svedka, now Cuervo and Busch!

On, Guiness! on, Grey Goose! on, White Claws … look!

To the end of the window! to the top of the wall!

Now dance, dance, dance the night away all!"

As the evening was ending, the vibes grew dry,

And the pink hints of dawn lightened the sky;

So back to the apartment the roommates they flew

For it was so cold, their skin was turning blue.

And then, as they waited for another ride home.

They huddled together, chilled to the bone. 

As they drew in my arms, and were turning around,

Down the street they thought they heard a strange sound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his toes,

What was he doing out this late? Who even knows!

A bundle of coats he had flung on his back,

And the group was rightly concerned as he opened his pack.

He reassured them not to worry, he isn’t that scary!

But it’s perfectly natural to be feeling so wary.

Out of his bag he pulled out many fine coats,

And fuzzy warm scarves to cover their throats;

He handed them out, though the roommates were reluctant to take,

But they were so cold their fingers started to ache;

The coats were quite warm, the scarves soft and lovely,

And with their evening outfits they looked rather comely.

The warmth came over them, the frostbite now swayed,

And while still uneasy of the stranger, they appreciated his aid. 

Getting the hint, he knew when to walk away,

After all, what weirdo does this? He packed up without delay. 

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And picked up his winter wear trying not to lurk,

And waving goodbye while walking away,

He whistled a tune, and walked with a sway;

He sprang out of sight and they climbed into the car,

And home they went, saying ”THAT was bizarre!”

But they heard him exclaim, as they drove out of sight —

“PLEASE wear a coat, and stay warm on this chilly night!”

ELIZABETH SEILS is a News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at elseils@ilstu.edu Follow her on Twitter at @SeilsElizabeth 

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