The issue with wanting to see the world as a college student is that one thing rings true for us all: we are all so broke. We want to see the world and explore a little, but we also have a solid $2.50 to our name.

We are all aspiring full-time adults who have been confined to our little Midwestern towns for our entire life. So, why should I waste my last dime on transitioning from being a child of the corn to a culturally well-rounded individual?

Well, let me tell you, it is worth the temporary ramen noodles diet.

Now, hear me out, I am not saying sell your kidney on the black market to go stare at the Eiffel Tower for a bit and then go home. Do not just go somewhere to eat at that country’s McDonalds and boast on Instagram.

I am saying go anywhere, and everywhere, that you possibly can.

Even if it is Cleveland, no offense to the Browns.

Why? There is so much to see, and experience, even in the tiniest nooks and crannies of our planet.

Do you know what you gain from experiences like that? Knowledge, and a ton of it.

I started venturing out of the great plains in small spirts. I went to Arizona and saw some mountains. There were amazing beaches I saw in California, and I ate some amazing clam chowder in Boston. That was not all I saw and did though.

I saw other people and learned from them.

The outside world that doesn’t consider “ope” as a synonym for sorry can seem terrifying, until you get out there.

There was a little coffee shop in London owned by an Italian couple who have lived in four different countries. They taught me that it realistically does not cost an arm and a leg to travel if you just do your research, and that matcha tea really is not that bad.

This unbelievably kind woman in Amsterdam told me how she would take $5 bus trips for hours just to see her relatives who live all over Europe on the holidays.

She expressed how some people are worth that, and the scenery along the way is stunning.

An older man in New York, who walked me through the subway system, told me that he has never left New York. Why? He had no reason to, yet it his biggest regret he has in life because he cheated himself out of living the most fulfilled life he possibly could.

So, all I am saying, is that we have time right now. We have time to go pick the brains of some random people, try some new foods and immerse ourselves in new cultures.

Do we have the money for it? Maybe not right now, but if you work hard enough for it, the money will always come back.

Everything you learn from the rest of the world, though, will never leave.

HAILEY BIALAS is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow her on Twitter at @haileybialas 

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