As the activists born out of the Parkland shooting find more solid ground for their platform, shakers are coming out of the woodwork to mock, question and probably humiliate them.

Last week, the internet was shocked to see an image of Emma Gonzalez, whose words have rallied others throughout the country, tearing apart a replica of the constitution. Many claimed this is what Gonzalez and her cohorts are trying to do: cause anarchy.

But, it wasn’t a real image. It was doctored to look like that.

The real image of Gonzalez is one where she is tearing apart a shooting range target which is actually directly related to her cause.

Gonzalez has also been the subject of attacks on her heritage. During her speech at the March For Our Lives, she wore a coat with a Cuban patch on it. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) called it out, trying to incite that Gonzalez was a communist and supported Cuba.

And others, most pointedly classmate and fellow activist David Hogg, reminded us that Gonzalez is of Cuban descent. No one would have had a problem if it was another country’s flag, as many children (or grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc) of immigrants proudly support their family’s native country.

While trying to spread this new age McCarthyism, others easily dug up photos of King with the Confederate flag. Now what is an Iowa representative doing with a Confederate flag, especially when Iowa was always part of the Union and not the Confederacy?

Hogg hasn’t been free of the mocking and ridicule either. For weeks now, people have been accusing him of being a crisis actor and cooking up conspiracy theories, all of which are easily debunked.

The newest in the line is Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocking Hogg for not getting into college. Yes, let’s repeat that. An adult news host mocked a high school senior for not being accepted by universities because she doesn’t like his politics.

Hogg responded by getting brands to drop their sponsorship of her show.

Some may call this petty, others see it as her comeuppance.

Grown adults are openly mocking teenagers, trying to shake them. We often ask, “Where do children learn how to bully?” And here’s the answer: from grown adults like these.

Instead of listening and working for a compromise, working to end this violence, working for something good, these adults —and more than just King and Ingraham, but the vitriol of the Internet — just keep making personal attacks on teenagers, minors and high school students.

We tell children to grow up, but when will the adults?

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