It’s crazy to think that what we are living through right now will one day be read in history books.

Growing up, we read about the Great Depression and the Black Plague. We lived through the Great Recession in the late 2000s and early 2010s, likely witnessing its impact on our parents and family.

It probably never crossed our minds that we may someday feel the effects of something so far-reaching and so devastating in ways we never thought imaginable.

Since what is otherwise known as the 2008 recession, the job market for MBA graduates has improved. The growing job market has had a huge impact on the nation’s overall economic growth.

CBS News calls these years of job growth “one of the strongest labor markets in the decade.”

That growth is now in jeopardy due to the ever-changing financial state of our country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

While countless demographics are being negatively impacted, graduating seniors looking to enter the job market are having a particularly difficult time starting off their careers.

After talking with several students in various industries, it is clear that the economic impact of the virus outbreak knows no bounds.

Not only are companies scaling back on hiring plans, but some are also canceling summer internships, freezing all hiring and even worse, revoking internship and job offers that had already been made.

As devastating as this reality is, it is something that students are going to have to embrace with an open mind and positive attitude.

This is something that is completely out of our control. It is okay to be stressed and frustrated, but it is not okay to give up hope and stop trying.

Keep searching for any opportunity that may present itself.

The new reality for graduating seniors is that they will likely not land a job that they would have preferred.

The Career Center at Illinois State University is urging students to utilize their resources. There are advisers available to review resumes to closely examine students’ experience and skill sets to help them broaden their career opportunities.

ISU has a vast network of alumni who are always looking to help fellow Redbirds and now is a better time than ever to take advantage of that.

With more free time on students’ hands during the stay-at-home order, this is the perfect opportunity to work on crafting resumes, practice interviewing strategies, create a website or build a LinkedIn account that showcases everything learned and accomplished across the past four years at ISU.

Honing digital skills should be a top priority during this transition to online-only interactions.

“The context for job searching is changing in today’s market and LinkedIn and social networking are more important than ever,” Maureen Roach, Career Center senior assistant director for Programming and Events, said in an interview with ISU News.

The best advice would be to be patient but resilient. Now is definitely not the time to be picky.

Working in an industry that doesn’t match the degree is not the end of the world. Once all of this madness starts to slow down, more employment options will become available.

As scary and heartbreaking as this whole job search can be, trust the process and be open to any opportunities that may present themselves.

Everything works out in the end.

GRACE BARBIC is the News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at mgbarbi@ilstu.edu. Follow her on Twitter at @gracebarbic

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