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With the passing of Mac Miller, the world felt a loss in the hip-hop community, with the passing of a man who shaped a lot of people through his music and lyrics.

The twenty-six year old was found dead inside his apartment in California. The family has not released the cause of his death.

Miller, however, has struggled with substance abuse in the past.

This brings attention to others who battle substance abuse or mental illness. Check on your friends, even if they are strong minded and hearted.

To portray one’s self as positive and content and later go home and feel the complete opposite, tells a story of what is going on in the background.

A person who comes off as strong and hard headed may be in a completely different place in their life outside of what others see.

Instead of just wondering how someone is doing, send them a message asking how they are, and let them know you’re listening.

According to an interview ABC held, Cindy Liu, PhD, a psychologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that one in five college students have thought about suicide while one in ten have attempted suicide.

Liu surveyed 67,000 college students from over 100 college campuses about their stress, anxiety and depression.

It is essential to look at all possibilities to help a friend, a family member or a student who is struggling with any type of mental illness.

Inside some of the bathroom stalls at Illinois State, there are factoids, courtesy of Student Health and Wellness, that state some statistics about mental health and ways to be healthy.

Their mission statement says: “Our vision is to be known for igniting a culture of wellness at Illinois State University. Health Promotion and Wellness upholds this vision by remaining true to our core values of being credible, compassionate, culturally competent, holistic, inclusive, innovative, and passionate about the connection between determinants of health, social justice, and health equity.”

Outside of health and wellness is Student Counseling Services which is free for all students.

Substance abuse at a college-age level is something that many pass off and ignore. There is a sigma around consuming alcohol and many students drink to the point where they become distorted, and many cheer them on to continue.

According to, an unnecessary amount of drinking can lead to severe health and safety risks as well as the possibility of addiction.

It is, now more than ever, pertinent to check on friends and family members to see how they are doing. Whatever point in their lives they are at, whatever state of mind, check on people with compassion and without judgement.

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