Kanye West announced he is running for president. So, the only real politician in the running for the presidency is Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Here’s the first problem. In several states it is too late to even add Kanye on to the ballot. So, for starters, he isn’t going to get very far. But West throwing his name in the race draws undecided voters to him which is more than likely going to throw off votes for Biden.

It more than likely won’t hurt President Donald Trump since West on numerous occasions has publicly stated his support for Trump. He has been seen wearing the “Make American Great Again” or “MAGA” hat. Back in 2018, West publicly stated his support for Trump.

West’s bid for presidency is going to divide the minority vote. Among younger voters, neither candidate in the run is ideal. Trump has a long history of not knowing what he is exactly doing in office—such as mishandling and still downplaying a pandemic or trying to use “law and order” to stop protests happening across the country for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Biden, on the other hand, isn’t a strong candidate either for the undecided and even the decided. But many are needing someone in office who isn’t going to make it seem that the country is being split apart even further than it is. We need someone in office who is actually going to show some type of real leadership. Someone who can at least provide a sense of direction in the middle of a pandemic and not downplay it continuously and pull funding away from the World Health Organization.

At this point in the nation, America has too much at stake to vote for a man that is going to negatively affect the day-to-day lives of Americans. Having extra candidates jumping into the race will throw off the election.

It’s obvious among the younger voters that both candidates are less than ideal. But do we continue down the path we have been going on the past four years and make it worse than it is? Or do we vote for a man who has spent over 30 years in politics and who can hopefully help the nation down a better path?

Celebrities need to stop running for political seats such as the presidency because it seems at this point, they are messing with the lives of those who will be directly affected by the policies they implement, statements they say or actions they do while in office.

The average American’s day-to-day life should not be a game for bored celebrities to mess with. A country that is already divided with no clear leadership should not further go down that grim path.

Americans need hope and they need changes to a system that has been used against them for so long. No candidate is perfect nor are they going to fix everything that needs to be fixed since change takes time.

Celebrities running for political offices need to stop here. A line needs to be drawn. Having someone run for office with no background in studying politics and government or some law-related major in college should have no place in the Oval Office.

Let’s try not to vote for West or write another name down as a joke. So much is at stake for this election to be thrown to the wind again. Vote like your life, or someone else’s, depends on it.

GRACE KINNICUTT is News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at gkinnic@ilstu.edu Follow her on Twitter at @GKinnicutt 

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