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He won on a platform of rolling back civil liberties, plans to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, and ending abortion despite Roe v. Wade. Most of all, he appealed to a voter base that has never cared about elections before; the white working poor. They liked that he talked and thought like them about minorities and immigrants, and the wealthy liked that he was easily manipulated and driven by profit and lowering their income taxes. 

This voting base was then able to ignore and explain away the multiple allegations of sexual assault, the fact he never paid his taxes and the horrible and alienating rhetoric he espoused. 

No one actually thought he would win or if he did, that his divisive rhetoric was just that, words. His campaign saw the inception of weaponized “fake news” to discredit news sources that painted him in a negative light or he didn’t agree with. 

His first major acts against those civil liberties were the signing of executive orders with the hopes of ending DACA, gutting Planned Parenthood and a transgender military ban. Two of the three of these were declared unconstitutional and were then blocked by appeals court decisions. The other effectively did nothing as federal money has never been allowed to be used for abortions. 

Now he has announced that he will sign an executive order with the effect of nullifying the 14th amendment. To reiterate, our president thinks he’s more powerful and better intentioned than the constitution he vowed to uphold and protect when he was sworn into office. 

He is trying to dismantle the 1868 amendment that grants citizenship to all persons born in this country regardless of the status of their parents. In context, this amendment was passed as part of the post slavery civil rights amendments to bestow full and equal citizenship to the newly freed slaves. 

The Los Angeles Times reports that there were no immigration laws until 1882, but even those laws weren’t very restrictive, they only regulated the immigration of “criminals and lunatics” as well as those unable to support themselves financially and the Chinese. A 2017 NPR article stated there were approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, but prior to the 1920s these laws weren’t very stringent or applicable to those coming from Mexico like they are today. 

Economic crisis and the ability to earn 10 times the income that they would in Mexico caused a surge in labor migration. The cracking down on immigration made it more and more difficult for these laborers to return home following the harvest season like they had before. In an effort to curtail border crossings through increased securitization, we made the “problems” Americans were so afraid of worse by exponentially increasing the number of undocumented persons living in this country. It meant that entire families were 

beginning to cross the border in order to stay together and settling here permanently. 

We now have a problem of immigrant children being forcibly removed from their parents and housed in awful government compounds where they are not even allowed to hug their siblings and no actual infrastructure in place to reunite families. 

He says an executive order has the power to nullify portions of the constitution, so that Latin American immigrants and their progeny can be denied citizen and human rights just days before the midterm election. 

He can’t do this without adding a new amendment to the constitution, the administration knows this, but the general populace knows very little about constitutional law. The people who voted for him are eating this up, dividing us as a people further so that the republican majority can remain intact. 

We cannot allow this manipulation to spur more racist violence and acts. We the students have an obligation to vote on Tuesday to show that we will not be divided, and American respect for human life will prevail. Many professors will be letting us out of class early on Tuesday and some are even offering extra credit for voting so please go to the Bone in your spare time

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