As the year comes to a close, one inconvenience and rushed event makes everyone’s head spin at a million miles per hour: move out.

No matter how prepared students try to be for the momentous occassion, we are forced to vacate the premises — oftentimes before we have the ability to do such a thing.

The problem becomes much more complicated when students are in the midst of graduation. Realty companies do not give them a chance to finish up any leftover business (e.g. attend graduation) and gather all of their belongings in an appropriate time frame. This needs to change.

The end of the school year is a busy and difficult time for everyone. So why do realty companies still force students to leave by the end of finals week or before graduation even occurs when most students are not ready?

We’ve heard multiple instances of this happening. One student might have a week full of finals, their parents are coming into town to celebrate their accomplishments, they are graduating late Friday night and their realty company expects them to be moved out completely the following morning. Or a student will be graduating late Saturday night, but they already have to have their belongings out of their apartment and their keys turned in earlier in the day. Where can they get ready and shower when it comes time for the moment they’ve been waiting for their entire lives?

Asking for an extension is possible. However, many times it is not granted or, if granted, it does not do enough to satisfy someone’s needs. Realty companies want a new tenant to take over an apartment as soon as possible so they can have a steady amount of rent coming in. If a student requests an extension but someone else is expected to move in the day move out is scheduled, there’s no way that request will be granted. That student that needs extra time will have to rush through the process and possibly be fined for not leaving the apartment on time.

If an extension is granted, it usually does not do much in terms of giving a student more than enough time to move out. Many times, they have to leave their apartment early in the morning the next day. It can be helpful, but students and their parents are still in a rush.

Why can’t parents just come a week early and take a lot of their child’s stuff to escape the stress, you ask? Because many people have work and other obligations that come about and are not able to make the trip until move out and graduation occur.

Realty companies need to extend a little more kindness to students, especially those who are graduating. They should give students up to a week to move out.

If implemented across all student realty companies in the Bloomington-Normal area, this could be beneficial for all parties. Students that need to move out actually have enough time to do so. Students that need to move from apartment to apartment will not have to be forced out of one place and into a new one within a day. Realty companies will also most likely appreciate dealing with students who are not as stressed when it comes to move out.

Making students move out of their apartments within hours of graduation is a practice that needs to change. It’s already a busy time of year; let students actually enjoy their last few days on campus.

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