It’s time to talk about Kanye West. With all the other issues in the world that are going on like global warming and mental illness, this man who as a lot of influence in the media and in the music world is taking atten­tion away from the issues that matter.

A man who is married to Kim Kar­dashian-West who is worth $350 mil­lion and Kanye West himself is worth $250 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Money isn’t an issue for this power couple, who both have an influence on the public based on their actions and who they as­sociate themselves with. Both Kim and Kanye have had private conver­sations with President Donald Trump discuss­ing different political issues. Kim discussed prison reform and she and her team took on a case for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who was sent to prison for drug charges. At the end of the meet­ing, Johnson was granted clemency and became a free woman.

Kanye has also grown closer to President Donald Trump over the course of his presidential term. After wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat on many different occasions, the public knows that he is a great supporter of our President. West has been in the media’s radar for some time after he was the opening musical guest for Saturday Night Live on Sept. 29. SNL for the past two weekends has focused on West and his interactions with Trump.

From West’s monologue that was cut off by SNL to their “private” conversa­tion inside the White House, surround­ed by photographers and reporters, the chemistry between them is either a publicity stunt or an actual friendship. So much for being private.

When the two met, they were sup­posed to discuss prison reform, gang violence in Chicago, and manufacturing, turned into a positive compliment roast between the two. Important topics for citizens to discuss.

West has power. Like anyone with a strong voice that knows how to get the media talking and to get viewers to click on stories, his antics start a conversa­tion.

In 2015, West stated at the MTV Music Video Awards that he was going to run for presidency in 2020. Now, he wants to push his presidential nomina­tion for 2024 so he won’t have to run against Trump. Grammy nominated winner John Ledged said “I think he’s serious.”

So does that make pop culture the new politics? Will that start a revolution where pop culture stars turn into new political figures where younger genera­tions grow up with celebrity presidents? Maybe.

With many mil­lennials and people who will be able to vote by the time 2024 comes around, and West taking this statement seriously, will the younger generation vote for the rapper? It’s a possibility. Kanye West creat­ing music inside the oval office and Kim Kardashian-West filming “Keeping Up With the Kardashi­ans” from the White House. If this were to happen, politics would never be the same.

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