U.S President Donald Trump welcomes kids dressed for Halloween in the Oval Office of the White House, on Oct. 27, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Self-esteem is an important aspect of children’s lives. Through adolescence, children may struggle with self-esteem issues because of bullying, weight and basic life changes. The last thing children need is someone bringing them down because of their weight, especially someone like the president of the United States.

While most children got to show off their Halloween costumes around school, some special children got the opportunity to show their costumes to the president of the United States. However, it was not the best experience for them. On Friday, President Donald Trump told a little girl that was visiting the White House it was good she did not have “weight problems,” as he was handing out candy for a photo op. As he was giving out the candy, he was overheard making fun of the children's parents, who were the reporters, calling them “the friendly media.”

While Trump sat in the Oval Office passing out the candy to the children, he said, “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children. How the media did this, I don’t know.”

This comment was very disheartening to hear from the president because it shows that he feels comfortable talking negatively about people’s children, although he is supposed to be someone children look up to.

He continued his statement: “These are beautiful, wonderful children. Are you going to grow up to be like your parents? Don’t answer. That can only get me in trouble, that question.”

One of the most appalling comments Trump made to a child was when he said, “Well, you have no weight problems — that’s the good news, right?” The young girl;s face looked very confused by Trump’s comment and a slight laughter went throughout the room.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Trump has been known to comment on women’s bodies and sizes. The line should be drawn where he decides to speak about a child and their appearance. His comments were absolutely disgusting and someone needs to speak out against this issue.

People like President Trump are the reason children, specifically girls, have self-esteem issues growing up. There is no telling how the young girl felt about Trump’s comment and how it will affect her in the future.

It seems that Trump feels like he can say and do whatever he wants because he is the president. However, more people need to speak out against his sexist and discriminatory comments. Visiting the White House should be an exciting and memorable experience for children, and it will be, but not for the right reasons.


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