As college students in Bloomington-Normal, we should take pride in our community and make sure it reflects all the beautiful happenings taking place every day.

Unfortunately, we do not always see that happen in our area.

It’s no surprise that college students like to go out, drink and party during the weekend.

Sometimes, however, these outings end with students littering various items such as cups and beer bottles and cans and causing a little destruction here and there.

That causes obvious problems not just for the look of the community, but for the thousands of residents in the area. They do not want to see their home covered in trash or have holes through walls and other surfaces.

To help repair the look of the community, the City of Bloomington Citizens’ Beautification Committee and Ecology Action Center (EAC) are dedicating April 14 through April 22 to clean up the Twin Cities. Community members will collect trash in public parks with free supplies provided by Normal and Bloomington’s parks and recreation departments.

The week ends with EAC’s Earth Day Clean Up. Throughout the day, people will help clean up Constitution Trail and Sugar Creek.

This is a wonderful program that makes Bloomington-Normal further stand out from other areas. It shows residents really do care about the look of their community and they do not want trash and other items to cover up its beauty. With beautiful spots like Lake Bloomington and hidden gems along Constitution Trail, the last thing anybody wants to see when they are spending a relaxing day out is trash all over the place.

This week-long event not only helps for the instant clean look of the area, but it will make important contributions for the future. When people see organizations are dedicated to making sure the community is clean, it might encourage them to move into the area. If they don’t have to constantly run into or see beer bottles, cans and other items when they are out, it will make the area so much more appealing to them. Businesses might even be more inclined to bring new jobs into the area and have their company name represented in Bloomington and Normal because they see how seriously the area takes upkeep.

Whether college students are some of the ones contributing to the littering or not, this is an event Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University students should participate in. They will be able to say they positively impacted their community by cleaning up junk that should not be out on the streets.

If they are looking for ways to better help the planet, this is one way to do it. Many of the items out on the streets are ones that can be recycled. If items are not properly disposed of, they will just stay out there and continue to build up. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to help Mother Earth, and clean up week offers this benefit and many more.

Whatever one’s plans are next week, set aside time to help clean up the community and have fun doing it.

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