During his campaign, President Donald Trump said he would protect his LGBT+ supporters, but many saw it for what it was —blowing smoke and trying to get votes.

Because over and over again, Trump has failed to do so. He has actually actively taken support away from LGBT+ folks in the country.

Some examples of rollbacks from the last year include a regulation that would have allowed transgender Department of Health and Human Services staff more protections when using the department’s bathrooms and other facilities and proposed regulations that would have further banned discrimination in Medicaid and Medicare.

Also, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act — which banned sexual orientation-based discrimination in healthcare and, for the first time, extended those protections to transgender folks — was included in the rollbacks.

But, the Trump administration is back at taking health benefits from the LGBT+ community.

Just earlier this year, the administration issued a ruling that health workers can refuse to treat transgender people if it goes against their religion.

This constant taking away of rights from citizens just shows that Trump was, in fact, pandering while on the campaign trail.

Every single person in this country should have the right to healthcare, but that is slowly being chipped away. With these rollbacks and policy changes, LGBT+ and queer people can and are experiencing it.

The newest ruling that health workers can refuse to treat trans people means that even if a transgender person could pay for their treatment, they could be turned away just because a nurse or doctor didn’t want to deal with them.

Which is an ongoing problem with transgender people in healthcare.

According to MyTransHealth, in 2015, “50 percent of transgender patients have had to educate their health care providers on their identities. About one in four trans individuals say they delay medical care in fear of discrimination — and that fear is warranted, as almost 20 percent of trans patients have been refused care by medical professionals.”

And this is usually on a basis of the health official “not knowing” how to treat trans patients. This new rollback will add to more transgender people feeling unsafe in hospitals and less likely to seek medical attention in fear of discrimination.

No one should be afraid of getting medical help. That is a right we should all have.

But for transgender people and other members of the queer community, it hasn’t always been and these rollbacks just make it worse.

It feels like not a lot can be done, as Trump is insistent on rolling back literally anything that former President Barack Obama touched. Calling representatives might be the only option available for constituents to do in order for rights to be reinstated.

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