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Poverty has been referred to as the leveler of civilizations. The inflation of gold and silver was a main reason for the decline of both the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t mass scale civil war and increased military spending that leads to the collapse of a nation; its economic inequality. In an article published by Foreign Policy “extractive” economic systems will eventually ensure a state fails.

This economic model functions by robbing citizens of opportunities, destroying incentives for innovation and societal evolution. This works to the detriment of the everyday man who finds themselves stagnated with very little room for social mobilization or actual job fulfilment, for the benefit of a small wealthy class of elites. These people by birthright are the only ones who benefit from the extraction of minerals and non-renewable resources, often by using forced labor practices in under-developed countries.

This can be seen in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America following mass civil conflicts and the collapse of foreign puppet governments. These regimes were put in place by other nations who saw strategic military, security, or economic value in a weaker state, by installing governance that work for them not the people.

Economic stagnation, as is the case of Uzbekistan whose government forced school children to pick cotton instead of attend class to benefit only the president and his friends. The per capita income level is not much better than it was when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Russia, despite being a world superpower, *ahem—only because they have nukes—failed to fully develop by blocking efforts to modernize through technological advances.

Does any of this sound familiar? The Trump administration’s making America Great Again is actually going to make everything worse by prioritizing old energy technology like coal over solar and wind energies.

This will affect the overall health of people in this country, increasing birth defects, cancer and respiratory problems. Students such as we, will find that the creation of new tech jobs are being suppressed because they don’t benefit Trump or his friends and family. We are being forced to rely on the technologies of the past, leaving newly indebted recent college grads without jobs or opportunities for advancement.

We are being crushed by a debt bankruptcy can’t even save us from, with no viable way of paying it off.

This is a call to action, vote in the midterm elections. They are so important. A Vox article cites that while Millennials are reliably Democrats with the potential to counter destructive Republican policy, only 28% of us who can vote actually show up to the polls during midterm elections. We care so much more about the presidential election than the local and gubernatorial ones that actually have the greatest effect on our day to day lives.

No, this November isn’t going to directly replace Trump, but we can vote for representatives with principles, oust the career politicians who won’t admit our current administration’s corruptions out of fear of political suicide or the death of their political party.

We can’t allow our country to be run into the ground out of fear of professional repercussion. It has been said that a monarch cannot control who they govern. Eventually the will of the people, the majority, will be actualized if only this country stays alive long enough for this to be realized.

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