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Social media has become one of the largest epidemics the world has ever seen. It influences our views on society and it’s only getting bigger over time. Millennials were raised with it and we thrive from it to feed our social status and self-esteem.

Social media has given us the ability to have the world at our fingertips. We can be friends with our family across the country, or globe, and watch as they make statuses and upload pictures. It’s an insane thought. There used to be a time when contacting anyone could take several months or even years.

Whether society wants to believe it or not, social media has a huge impact on our views about current issues. Facebook is constantly filled with articles from biased sources that pop up on anyone’s timeline. Users see these articles and form their opinions around them. According to an article from the American Press Institute, 88 percent of millennials get their news from social media. While some feel like social media helps in staying updated on current events, I feel we are too dependent on social media to feed us this information.

The first time I remember being introduced to social media was in sixth grade, with Myspace. Everyone who was anyone had a Myspace account. I kept that account updated and I remember it being the first thing I checked when I got home from school. Shortly after that, Facebook was introduced, and so on. Millennials have been raised in the age of social media. We are the ones who are controlling it and shaping it into what it has become and what it will become. According to Jay Baer in an article on Convince and Convert, 56 percent of Americans have a social network profile. That’s more than half of America. Society has made social media such a recognized norm that we cannot imagine our lives without it.

Social media is expanding and growing and will not die down anytime soon. Social media allows society to be anywhere at any time, whether by live tweeting or through Facebook Live. The population of active users on social media has only grown by 9.3 percent this year, according to Johnny Rosen in his online article “Social Media Growth Statistics.” If society keeps depending on social media, before we know it we will just be automated robots that only care about how many likes we get from our peers. It’s very discouraging that we thrive on these materialistic concepts and find no value in just humbling ourselves. Even though I am guilty of this as well, I often catch myself seeing how dependent I am on social media and it makes me so upset.

The fact that we rely on social media to feed our self-confidence is shameful. A lot of my girlfriends make a huge deal about posting pictures on social media. First they need to take at least 10 different versions of the same picture, then edit it to perfection, then think of a clever caption before they post it. After they post it, they are constantly refreshing their feed to see how many people have liked their post. I’ve even heard girls say, “I got 50 likes in three minutes.” This is just not what being confident is about. Society is depending too much on social media for fulfillment that can easily be accomplished without it.

These are just some reasons why I believe society has become too dependent on social media. I can only hope that one day we will learn to not thrive from something so superficial.

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