Well, 2020 just continues to let me down. Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying was not something I was expecting to happen in 2020 but then again, did we really expect a year like this?

Ginsburg, deemed as a trailblazer and feminist icon, was a force to be reckoned with. Even in her final years dealing with health problems, Ginsburg was still doing everything she could on the Supreme Court to continue the fight for justice.

I remember the first time I ever heard about Ginsburg. It was early in my high school years and when I started to really pay attention and get into politics more. I remember one of my teachers talking about her, so I looked her up when I got home and started reading about her work and the type of person she was.

I was amazed at everything she did to get to where she was in politics and continued to do throughout her career.

The thing that gets me most about Ginsburg’s death is how she basically worked up to her dying day. She never seemed to stop other than for the days she needed to, and even from her house or hospital bed during her health battles she was still fighting for justice.

Nothing really seemed to ever stop that woman throughout her life.

But how sad is it that someone like Ginsburg seemed to be one of our last hopes with the current administration? One person seemed to carry the fight on her shoulders throughout Donald Trump’s presidency to ensure millions of people still got the equality they have continuously been fighting for.

Ginsburg’s death gives Trump a third opportunity to fill a Supreme Court seat during his term. If the GOP were to get a judge nominated and approved, six out of the nine judges would be Republican and that, for me, is not an ideal Supreme Court.

I know there are going to be times in history that the court is going to have judges who lean more one way than the other, but one of the seats should have been former President Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, but the Republican-led Senate refused to vote on Obama’s nominee, citing proximity to the 2016 election.

I hate that even in the wake of Ginsburg’s death, the GOP will more than likely rush a nomination within the next 47 days before Nov. 3. In 2016, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said the vacant seat should not be filled until the next presidential term since the American people deserve a say in the SCOTUS selection.

Well, here we are four years later right before an election, with a vacant seat again and the GOP pledging mere hours after the announcement of Ginsburg’s death to vote on any Trump nominee. I hope for the sake of our nation and for one of Ginsburg’s dying wishes, that the seat is not filled until after the election.

I’m sad with the unexpected passing of Ginsburg. She was one of the first women in politics I looked up to. For me, there was no one quite like her in the political world. Especially in a career that is dominated by white males.

Like millions of others, I’m sad and scared for what comes next. There’s a lot up in the air this election season and now with the passing of Ginsburg, it really throws another twist in this unexpected year.

Ginsburg never seemed to quit even when she was battling pancreatic cancer and other health complications. I hope she knows how many people are grateful they had someone like her on SCOTUS fighting for equality and basic human rights.

She was a force to be reckoned with. Rest easy Ginsburg, millions will dearly miss you.

GRACE KINNICUTT is News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at gkinnic@ilstu.edu Follow Kinnicutt on Twitter at @GKinnicutt 

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