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Friday marked World Teachers’ Day and it reminds us that all too often teachers are the forgotten heroes of a consistently growing world.

People in charge, people making a difference and people developing new technologies would not have this ability without the knowledge instilled in them by a teacher.

Good teachers come and go but their positive influence leaves a mark on the world’s explorers and innovators.

World Teachers’ Day is the anniversary of addressing the status of teachers. According to metro.co.uk, it sets out the guidelines on the rights and responsibilities of teachers, “as well as the employment and teaching environment standards which schools should uphold.”

Teachers influence all aspects of life. Teachers can overcome odds to help those who may struggle academically and get a lesson across. Teachers shape the way growing kids view the world while allowing enough freedom for students to question and explore varying concepts and form their own opinions.

Educators also have the ability to help with personal lives. Students can form close bonds with teachers, especially if an environment at home is not ideal. Scores emerging out of the Adverse Child Experience Study, according to The Atlantic, suggest that adverse childhood experiences like neglect, violence and abuse provide high negative outcomes in a child’s life. Teachers suspicious of a student’s health can be an important source for stability and support.

Drawing out creativeness and giving students their “a-ha” moment when a difficult subject becomes comprehensible is not an easy task. Teachers, educators, professors and others who have this ability to make the vague seem clear should be consistently thanked. There are barriers when it comes to learning, especially to those unwilling to put in the work, but teachers providing these breakthroughs can bring less stress to the struggling student.

Having the ability to read, write or solve an equation is due to the teachings of an educator. The amount of knowledge the world carries comes from the educators who hand out the tools necessary to equip the world with knowledge, skills and problem-solving wisdom.

Many of the world’s leading innovators and celebrities can point to a teachers who helped open their mind. Oprah Winfrey has stated that she would not be where she is now without the help of her fourth grade teacher. Bill Gates, despite being a Harvard dropout, said he would not be where he is without the help of his “math and drama teachers.” So many others can attest to the fact that teachers have the ability to change lives.

Right now, Illinois is facing a teaching shortage. Additionally, fewer college students are interested in educational careers, according to WQAD.com, which is an issue considering Illinois State is known as a teaching school.

Many schools in Illinois are being controlled by substitutes and with fewer applicants, the experience and quality of the teacher declines. A new state law is looking to make it easier for out-of-state, retired and substitute teachers to receive certification in Illinois, and there is a search to increase teachers’ pay.

Meaning that large classrooms and the quality of teachers could soon be on the rise again.

The future lies in the hands of educators, waiting to provide the right spark of enlightenment to help a student go above and beyond what they could ever imagine. World Teachers’ Day helps to bring this overarching concept of all that teachers do into a one-day reflection. It is valuable to reflect on their impact and that the importance of teachers is vital for the future of the country.

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