We should all take a moment to realize that being overall healthy should be a priority for everyone. I would like to mention that when I say healthy, I do mean both physically and mentally.

Though for this I would like to take a moment and chat about the good, the bad and the ugly about being physically active.

I am no stranger to picking out the freshest outfit, taking a very unhealthy dose of preworkout, and taking the super hyped-up drive to the rec in the morning just to take an hour to pick up and put down some heavy weight.

Throughout many years of repeating this very simple process I have without a doubt achieved my personal goal of having a good balance of both mass and strength but there is one form of physical activity that I simply cannot figure out how to master.

That one thing just happens to be the dreaded cardio. Whenever the thought of cardio crosses my mind even for a split second I am always taken back to my days in the military and having to endure the so-called short runs.

Some may say that having a few bad experiences should not completely ruin one simple activity. Please hear me out before making such a comment though, imagine that you are going to work sleep deprived at 6 a.m. only to be told that you are going on a short run but it turns into the most grueling four miles filled with constant sand and nonstop hills.

This may be only one example, but this occurred three times a week for us. Going through these grueling runs every other day for three years has caused a permanent bad taste of cardio for me.

Even with so much forced cardio I was yet to be able to improve my running and I have come to the conclusion of accepting myself for who I truly am. That would be to ignore all forms of cardio and becoming a strength powerhouse.

To end on a positive note I would like to say that completely ignoring cardio has allowed me to eat a larger amount of healthy foods to keep up with the demand for calories for intense powerlifting every day.

Unlike my running abilities I do believe that I can keep up with some great lifters and I would like to thank the lack of running for all my progress in the gym. As long as I can pick up and put down heavy objects while eating a good amount of food, I would continue to be the happy man that I am.

RAFAEL MENCHACA is a News Reporter for The Vidette. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter at @kuma_topics_

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