Bye bye 2020 and farewell on toilet paper

Hey there! Hello! Happy New Year, and welcome to the spot just above rock bottom. 

It’s incredibly trendy right now to say good riddance to 2020 and kick that year out the door as soon as possible, and with good reason. But, before we welcome the next year with open arms, let’s learn from our lesson and try to exercise some caution. It might do us some good.  

It’s easy to fall into the vicious, cyclical trap of saying this year will be your year, and then panicking when things don’t work out the way you want them to. If we’re being completely transparent, this year will likely not be the triumphant return to normal we’re all looking for, not quite yet. That doesn’t mean the whole year is a wash.

2021 is not going to be a glorious chance to catch up on all the fun times we missed last year, instead it’s the final half of running the mile in gym class. 

(Cross country runners avert your eyes here) We all remember the slog that is the one-mile gym class run. You feel confident for the first hundred feet, but your energy fades fast if you aren’t pacing yourself. “Surely, I must be done,” you think, “I can go back to laying down soon!” Turns out, you’re only halfway done. 

That’s us right now, exhausted, drained and begging for this to end. We’re almost there! While we’re trudging through the end of these historic times, we have to take charge and find the good parts for ourselves. 

After the year that’s just passed, we all deserve some moments of joy, right? But that can be hard to find in the wreckage of a pandemic. This year I hope we realize that joy and happiness isn’t something given to us, but rather something we find. 

Things might be hard still this year, but I encourage everyone to work hard to find joy in some part of this year. The pandemic is not fun, there is no joy in that. But perhaps there’s joy in spending more time at home, or in doing the new hobby you started last year. Maybe there’s joy in spending time with your pets or your family and friends, safely of course. 

Good times will not be handed to us this year, but if we trudge through that last half of the mile, we’ll make it through faster than we think.  

ELIZABETH SEILS is Editor in Chief of The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow Seils on Twitter at @SeilsElizabeth 

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